David's Flipping Report Mid-January Through February 2020

Time to look back at what I did in terms of flipping since my last post about the subject!

In somewhat chronological order of oldest to most recent…

I bought a bundle of stuff that came with some older Simon Hanslemann works, a creator I’ve mentioned people pay good money for the self-published works of. I sold a set of, “Werewolf Jones and Sons,” #2 along with some mini-posters of Werewolf Jones and a short comic about him and his sons crashing a talent show for $80, basically pure profit besides shipping.

Sold one set of, “Batman Beyond,” #39 and #40, made maybe $7 profit.

Unloaded a premiere variant of the latest, “Guardians of the Galaxy,” relaunch first issue for $5 profit.

I managed to flip some Lois Lane #8 as cover A and B sets, as well as one bundle of #7 and a #8 cover A. Made maybe $20 total.

Sold some, “Aggretsuko,” #1 cover sets, made $15 profit.

Got a, “West Coast Avengers,” #45 with the first all-white Vision for like $3 and sold it for $13, so that was a little profit after shipping.

PIcked-up a couple, “Venom,” #23 Skottie Young variant covers and sold those for $22 or so each, made maybe $30 after fees and shipping.

I picked up some rarer Funko Pops as part of a President’s Day sale where it was buy 2 get 1 free. I put about $75 into getting an out-of-box Rachel Green from, “Friends,” the Fugitive Toys exclusive Reverse Black Flash, and a Hot Topic exclusive version of Dean Winchester from, “Supernatural,” and after selling everything and paying fees maybe came out ahead 30 bucks.

Got three, “Batman,” #89 with the first Punchline cameo at cover price, sold them for about $25 each. Nice little profit.

Sold a set of the, “Bang,” ashcan along with cover A and cover B of #1, made $20 total on that.

When, “The Auteur,” got optioned I dug-up my copy of the Stan Lee with breasts variant that had some dings that made it maybe an 8.0, but still sold it for $22 to someone eager to speculate on the potential option.

I had an old copy of the, “Hobo with a Shotgun,” comic I unloaded for $20 after having it on eBay forever.

I acquired the four-issue mini-series, “Hawkeye: Blindspot,” for less than cover with some other Hulk comics for my own collection from someone (it features Clints’ brother Barney adopting the villainous identity of Trickshot) and sold it for $20, maybe made $12 after all was said and done.

I bought two copies of, “Year of the Villain: Hell Arisen,” #3 I sold as a set for $75. That was pleasing to me!

Lastly, I had my Notti and Nyce Halloween Special with the topless ladies I shared in the CGC topic area that was graded 9.8 and sold for $75. After what it cost for grading and how I barely paid anything to get it I made $40 or so on that.

That’s basically everything of much note. Some items are still in the process of being shipped so I hope all my buyers are pleased and nothing ends up a loss once it all arrives and all is said and done.


Your flip game is strong my man! :grinning:

I love this write up column feature thingy that you’re doing, @davidbitterbaum. You’ve got a keen eye and mind for this relentless flip game.
I recently decided to list and sell my Immortal Hulk run, after reading it. It’s a great read, but the value I could get out of the set now, while it’s still somewhat relevant, was too good to pass up. I sold the set of issues #1-#30, NM 1st prints, for $360 CND. I invested approx $160 into the set, $25 for shipping, and ended up profitting about $175. I flipped that profit into a UX266 9.8 contender, a X-Men #4 (1992), and a X-Men Annual #14. So, I essentially got those books XMen books for free, from a comic investment standpoint, with lots of room for ROI once those books are sold.
I also decided to list and sell my set of HoX and PoX connecting covers. I sold that set for $230 CND and flipped that into a lower grade IH180 for my PC.
On another note, my sales have drastically slowed over the last week and a half. Is this due to fears over the Coronavirus? Or some other factor? :thinking:

I’m wondering if the virus will slow eBay sales down…I admit I’m actually watching where potential buys are being shipped from, but really all It takes is a well placed sneeze from a usps carrier (who may not even know they have it yet) to get ya.

Not going to stop me if a great deal comes up…but items arriving may be quarantined for a week or so before opening and I’ll be using soap and water religiously after handling the package. Just little things you can do to lessen your risks until this (hopefully) blows over…

Some reports are stating the virus is slowing in China but that needs to be taken with a grain of salt. ,China controls all media coming out so who knows.

From what I’ve read, coronavirus is determined to likely survive on surfaces up to 9 days. In comparison, the typical flu virus can survive around 48 hours…

I say just get it over with, rub your face all over every package that arrives. The faster you get it, the faster you recover… :wink:

Or the faster you die…

A very aggressive virus to be sure but most do make a full recovery. Not an extinction level threat but of course that doesn’t mean much for those who have to go through it, but yeah, most will be fine. Me, I’m licking doorknobs and entry levers to hospital bathrooms so I can catch it and get it over with along with dozens of other stuff.

Looks good David! I’ve been lazy the past month. I need to get on the ball and list more stuff.

Thanks for the kind words, everyone.

My sales don’t seem any higher or lower with Covid-19 fears, but we shall see as things possibly get worse.

David, the young man who once approached me about writing an article on his site trying to argue Spec and flipping wasn’t bad vs. his spec and flipping is bad, has long since become a very good secondary market comic seller. (Aka flipper) :dolphin: :dolphin: :dolphin:.

Well done sir.

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It would then appear that you won that argument, Tony. You successfully converted the young Padawan into a full fledged Sith Lord, lol.

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Mel V. Is another student who became a master.


Let me list out the books I’ve acquired entirely through flipping profits in the past 2
Years since being a regular on CHU…

Amazing Spider-Man 238, 300
Batman 223, 251
Fantastic four 49
Thor 337
Ultimate fallout 4

There are dozens more but these stand out to
Me as worthy of mention at the moment.

couldn’t have done it without you guys…!

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Thanks man. Glad you are here.

@Anthony was I arguing it was bad or just that I didn’t fully understand it? I would say my views have evolved and changed for sure. I would not say I’m by any means a master or Sith Lord at flipping, although I appreciate the compliment from you and @jcLu without a doubt as you guys know your flipping.

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I buy some books with flip money but I like using it to take vacations. Now, I was selling a lot of acquired computer parts I was selling with a partner a few years back but at the same time, all flip money went to my paypal account which helped pay for the 10 day trip to Hawaii almost two years ago and paid for the 16 day RV trip we took 3 years ago. I’d say 70% of the money in there was from computer parts but flipping comics certainly helped take some really nice vacations.

Also, flipping pays for my NYCC trips. Those trips I usually profit from as the money pays for my hotel costs and my flights are usually free from using credit card points.

All the CGC books I’ve bought in the past 6 months that I’ve posted here on the forums I bought with flip money.

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Any money i get from flipping (which isn’t that often) i put into my stocks and shares portfolio. it’s like one hustle to another… :money_mouth_face:

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2018 was a good year for me on flipping. I usually use the flip money to buy video games for my boys and I’ve been converting my wife’s car into a sports car so some of the profits go there. Last year I was in between jobs so didn’t flip comics as much. This year, my plan is to sell off my comic collection, keep 20 or so books for the PC and finish converting my wife’s car.