David's Flipping Report November 2020

November has passed. We Americans are full of Turkey from Thanksgiving and probably sick of the stuff now due to all the leftovers. December is here with all the Winter holidays. I am pleased to present my flipping report, with it a little different so it’s less of a slog to write. I no longer will note all the numbers, just if I got a good deal on something, lost money, made some money, or such. Saves me a lot of tabulating.

I kicked off the month selling those Frankie’s exclusive covers of Silk for, “New Agents of Atlas,” #1. They took forever to arrive due to Frankie’s having some shipping delays, but they were crisp when I got them. Sold both for a small profit on eBay.

I bought three of those Skybound Mystery Boxes from the Halloween digital Xpo. One box had the red foil variant for, “The Walking Dead Deluxe,” and I sold it for a tidy profit on eBay that covered the cost of the boxes and gave me some extra before I even went to sell the rest of the stuff contained in the boxes.

Heard about how, “Crossover,” #1 had a secret variant and happened upon it at one of my shops. Besides the copy for my personal collection, I bought a regular cover A and a secret cover I sold as a duo on eBay.

I was able to acquire some, “The Last Ronin,” #1’s during early November I sold them for a little bit of profit on eBay.

When the news about, “Henchgirl,” broke I was able to get an extra for cheap after checking various websites I like that sell comics that I sold at a decent bit o’ money on eBay.

Picked up a copy of, "Dark Nights: Death Metal: Infinite Hour Exxxtreme, " #1’s Rafael Grampa 1:25 ratio variant for below ratio. Sold it for a bit above ratio and made some cash thanks to eBay.

Sold a, “Department of Truth,” #1 Declan Shalvey virgin variant I got from The Comic Mint awhile ago for a tiny profit.

I got a, “Something is Killing the Children,” #12 Peach Momoko variant and Momoko sketch variant from Sanctum Sanctorum for a good price and sold them on Mercari for a profit.

I sold my, “Punchline Special,” #1 Peach Momoko variant on Mercari, basically broke even.

Was able to purchase a, “Savage Dragon,” #253 Biden and Harris variant for just a smidgen above cover price and sell it on eBay.

Grabbed a, “Star Wars: Darth Vader,” #6 second printing variant with the Ochi Bestoon cover at the comic shop and sold it for a small profit on eBay.

I was able to purchase a, “TMNT: The Last Ronin,” #1 Justin Roiland variant (the color one) and sold it for a healthy profit on eBay.

I was able to get, “A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night,” #1 cover A, B, and the ratio cover for their cover price and ratio. Sold them on eBay and made some money.

I was able to get the, “Amazing Spider-Man,” #53 1:10 Tsang variant for cover, sold it for a little bit on eBay.

Bought a, "Dark Nights Death Metal: The Multiverse Who Laughs, " #1 1:25 variant for under ratio and sold it for above ratio.

Got a, “Other History of the DC Universe,” #1 1:25 gold ratio variant for well below ratio and sold it for just a tiny bit under ratio.

Bought a, “Metalhead,” Funko Pop that was a Target exclusive at–where else–Target. Sold it for a small profit on Mercari.

Found a couple, “Amazing Spider-Man,” #53LR 1:10 ratio variant covers for a little under ratio I sold for a smidgen above ratio.

That was November!