David's Flipping Report October 2020

October is my favorite month for a variety of reasons (month I met my wife and month we got married, good weather, pumpkin spice products), and it has been finished. Let’s look back at the sales, shall we?

I kicked off the month selling a Deapool/Venom Metallic Funko Pop that was an exclusive preorder from Pop in a Box for $22 on Mercari.

When the news broke about, “Black,” being optioned again I checked my favorite places in-person and online. I managed to grab an issue #1 and #2 for about 2 bucks each which I sold for $32 on Mercari, found a #1 1:5 ratio variant for $10 I partnered with an uncensored cover of #3 I already owned that sold for $50 on eBay, and got another #1 for a couple bucks I sold for $24.99 on eBay.

Sold my, “X-Men,” #12 Peach Momoki Chibi variant set for $38 on eBay, so I lost money on it. It wasn’t moving at a higher price and I wanted it gone before it was worth even less so I took a small hit and sold it for basically retail.

Got that, “Batman,” #100 1:25 design variant for $20 and sold it for $32 on eBay.

A Peach Momoko variant that worked out a lot better for me was the, “Dark Nights: Death Metal,” #3 set by her with the trade dress, minimal trade dress, and virgin variant. I got that for like $60 from Frankie’s and sold it for $105 on eBay. It took it forever to actually arrive with Frankie’s shipping delays, but it came and I got it sold!

Had a, “Wynd,” #4 virgin variant I sold for $10 on eBay and another one I got $12 on eBay a few days later.

I sold a lot of my old-but-modern stuff worth less than a dollar each I didn’t need taking up space anymore to my local VStock where I’m friendly with the employees and knew I’d get a fair amount of store credit. Used that credit to buy a, “Batman,” #92 black-and-white Punchline variant cover that I then sold on eBay for $135.

I got a couple, “Wolverine,” #6 and, “X-Force,” #13 issues. Sold them as a set for $20 and $22 on eBay.

Had cover A and B of, “Spy Island,” #1 I sold for $11 on eBay

Picked up two issues of, “Autumnal,” #1 for cover and sold them for $10 and $13 on eBay.

Bought a bundle from someone on OfferUp of some notable books for a chunk of money. I sold the, “King Thor,” #1 second printing with Gorr on the cover for $15 on eBay. Sold a, “Strange Acdemy,” #1 design variant and two, “Black Cat,” #1 variants plus some little extra comics I threw in to a friend on Facebook I sell to often for $110. There were some of the early Donny Cates Thor issues too. Sold a #2 for $59 on eBay. Sold the #5 zombie variant for $30 on eBay.

Sold my other Ashely Wood, “Kunstler,” art book for $40 on eBay.

Had a, "Justice League, "#50 with the JRJR cover. Sold it for $15 on Mercari.

Got a, “Walking Dead Deluxe,” #1 gold foil version for a chunk above cover and sold it for $65 on Mercari; small profit made.

Bought some SCOUT Comics exclusives for NYCC 2020 being online-only. Sold the, “Phantom Starkiller,” #1 copy I got for $75 on eBay.

Picked up a, “Darth Vader,” #6 at the comic shop and sold it for $12 on eBay.

Had a, “La Muerta: Retaliation,” #1 leftover from the Kickstarter some months ago. Sold it for $18 on eBay.

Got and sold a, “Star Wars Adventures,” #1 NYCC variant for $17 on eBay.

Sold a Dum-Dums Drum Man Funko Pop (an NYCC exclusive) for $25 on eBay. Sold the NYCC exclusive Captain Crook for $25 as well on eBay

Was able to sell a, “Transformers/Back to the Future,” #1 NYCC variant for $19 on eBay.

Sold as a bundle to someone who wanted all three on eBay, “Shitshow,” #1 NYCC variant, “Grit,” #1 NYCC variant, “Canto II,” #2 NYCC variant for $36 total.

Got two sealed copies of, “Static,” for about $35 each when the news broke about the movie. Sold them for $130 to someone interested in both copies in a Facebook comic group.

Got two, “The Last Ronin,” #1 for cover I sold for $20 each on eBay.

I grabbed two, “Batgirl,” #50 for cover price. Got $20 for one and $22 for the other on eBay.

I was able to buy, “Year Zero,” #1-#5 along with a Marvel, “1602,” paperback I wanted to read in a Reddit group for $15. I sold the five issues of, “Year Zero,” for $38 on eBay and kept the paperback to enjoy.

That’s about it. I find it a little time consuming to do these write-ups so I may stop or just trying to keep track of the monetary aspect and simply say if I bought something for a good price and sold it at a profit/broke-even to save on the time to keep this all in order.


I always look forward to these reports.

If I knew how to do shipping properly, I’d flip more often.