David's Flipping Report September 2020

We have completed September and I shall share about my flipping as I enjoy doing so and as far as I know you all like reading about it!

September Sales
September began with me selling a cover A and B set of, “Thor,” #6 for $12 on eBay. I saved a set I had acquired for myself in case the book gets hot later, but figured I’d sell the extra set even if the profit was minimal.

I acquired the, “Batman,” #92 black and white reprint that was one per store for $75 from one of my shops. Sold it for $210 on eBay.

Did a bundle sale of a, “New Avengers,” #10 I got for $19 and an, “Infinity,” #4 I got for under cover for $35 total on eBay.

Sold a, “Thor,” #2 fourth print for $7 on eBay.

Picked-up two of those birthday variants of, “Miles Morales: Spider-Man,” #18 from two shops for $14.99 at one and cover at the other. Sold them for $48 and $51 on eBay.

Bought a, “Mega Man: Fully Charged,” #1 Peach Momoko trade dress variant for $25 and sold it for $35 on eBay.

Bought an, “Outlawed,” #1 Tony Daniel wraparound variant for cover price and sold it for $24 on eBay.

Sold a, “Marvel Knights: Spider-Man,” #10 on Mercari for $25 that I got for about $10 on Atomic Avenue along with some other items in an order.

Got two copies of the, “Ice Cream Man: Quarantine Comix,” foil variant. I got one for $20 and one for $50. Ended up selling them both for about $90 total with one on eBay and the other on Mercari, but one I sold as a bundle deal with some other comics when a person wanted a couple of my eBay listings of the collection I bought, so it was a bit more of a profit than that slim margin would indicate…at least until the eBay buyer complained about it and I offered a partial refund, which they accepted. It was a gorgeous copy and they were just making up concerns in my opinion, but what can ya do?

Sold a, “Thor,” #5 third printing copy for $9 on Mercari.

I went to a Spirit Halloween store to browse for fun and because I had a 20% coupon that came in the mail. Found an exclusive, “Billy Butcherson,” Funko Pop only Spirit stores were carrying. Bought it for $12 after my coupon and sold it for $22 on Mercari. A small profit, but I enjoyed seeing the store and making any money from my visit was a nice bonus.

I bought two of the Walmart 3-packs that had, “Venom,” #25 on the cover. They were $9 or so each and I was able to sell one on Mercari and one on eBay, both for $36 each.

Had an, “It Eats What Feeds It,” #2 direct webstore variant I sold for $15 on eBay.

Sold some, “La Muerta: Retaliation,” #1 Kickstarter stretch goal/bonus items in their bundle bag for $15. It was bought by someone on eBay.

Got a, “The Unkindness of Ravens,” #1 one per store thank you cover for a bit above regular price and I sold it for $12.50 on Ebay. Maybe broke even, honestly.

Was able to acquire a, “The Hero Trade,” #1 for $50 and sold it for $600 on eBay.

Sold a, “Cobra Kai: the Karate Kid Saga Continues,” #1 comic I dug out of my shortboxes for $15 when I saw it was trending thanks to the show.

Bought two, “Kunster,” books by Ashley Wood with his drawings for $60. Sold the first book for $40 on eBay, still waiting for the other to sell. Will make a tiny profit once it sells but got them to read and then maybe sell, so it’s all good.

Found a, “Thor #3,” of the 2020 series in my shortboxes when I was sorting the other day. Sold it for $30 on eBay.

Long ago got a, “Superman,” #4 in a bundle purchase of Superman comics. Now it’s trending with the new, “Suicide Squad,” movie so I sold it for $15 on Mercari.

Found a, “Silver Surfer: Black #5,” in my shortboxes when sorting. Sold it for $10. Then sold another copy I found for $10 as well.

Had a, “Thor,” #1 of the 2020 series I dig out of my stuff. Made $12 on it via eBay.

Bought a, “Suicide Squad,” #7 with the first Liveshot for cover price and made $9 for it on eBay.

Sold my, “Thor, #4 with the Spiderwoman variant cover for $15 on Mercari

Had a, “Cyberpunk 2077: Trauma Team,” #1 comic I sold for $12

Got an, “Autumnal,” #1 for cover price and sold it for $18 on eBay.

The Rest of What I Sold From that Big Collection
Sold, “Silk,” #2, Bagley ratio variant for $5.59 after costs on eBay

Sold, “The Walking Dead,” #150 signed by Stefano Guidano for $21.90 after costs on eBay

Sold, “Legend of Oz: Wicked West,” #1, NYCC Ebas variant for $32 after expenses on eBay

Sold, “Web Warriors,” #2, Gabrielle Dell’Otto variant for $16.32 after costs on Facebook

I sold, “All-New Wolverine,” #4 Ryan Sook variant, “Uncanny Inhumans,” #1 Adi Granov variant, “Uncanny Inhumans,” #1 Art Adams variant, and “Web Warriors,” #1 Humberto Ramos variant for $62.81 after expenses on Facebook

Sold, “Black Hammer: Age of Doom,” #1 retailer incentive variant for $7.35 on eBay after costs

Sold a 3-comic set of, “Babyteeth,” #1 variants for $43.95 on eBay after costs

Sold, “Justice League, #12 NYCC variant for $18.58 after costs on eBay

Sold, “X-Men: Swords of the Braddocks,” #1 for $7.33 after costs on eBay

Sold an, “Unbelievable Gwenpool,” #1 Skottie Young variant for $4.67 on Facebook after costs

Sold a, “Black Panther,” #5 that was loose and just in Fine condition for $25 to Eric of STL Comics

Sold a shortbox and a half of vaguely notable variants and issues for $100 to a local guy who buys from me sometimes.

Sold, “Jimmy’s Bastards,” #1 Comic Mint variant limited to 300 and the gold foil Comic Mint variant limited to 150 for $29.27 on eBay after costs

Sold DC Rebirth reprint with 3 Jokers, Civil War II #6, Death Zone #3 Sabine Rich variant, Justice League #31, Superman/Wonder Woman #17 combo pack variant, Death Force #2 Sabine Rich variant, Harley Quinn #16 convention foil variant, Gamora #1 J Scott Campbell variant, Wonder Woman #47 Harley variant in color & black and white, Red Agent #5, Xena #1 Finch incentive cover, and Grimm Fairy Tales #99 Artgerm variant for $88.34 after costs to a Facebook friend of mine.

Sold a, “One Punch Man,” FCBD, some Harley Quinn comics, and a chunk of a run of the New52, “Supergirl,” for about $29 after fees and shipping costs on Reddit to Matthew

Sold, “Amazing Spider-Man,” #800 Lee Inhyuk regular and virgin variant for $30.28 after costs on eBay

Sold another, “One Punch Man,” FCBD for $24.68 on eBay after costs

Sold, “Neverland: Hook,” #4 eBas variant for $9.79 after all the costs

Sold, “Robyn Hood: Legend,” #1 Jenny Frison variant for $13.92 after costs

I sold, “God Country,” #5 Spawn variant for $8.22 after costs on eBay

Sold, “Titan’s Hunt,” #1 Jim Lee variant cover for $9.38

I sold, “God Country,” #5 spawn variant and the black and white variant for $14.97 after costs on eBay

I sold, “Spider-Gwen,” #6, the women of power variant, for $10.25 after costs on eBay

I made about $125 selling things as dollar comic bundles on Reddit.

Plus $150 from another local guy for the remaining longboxes and a shortbox of some notable variants.

In Closing
A busy month! Share your thoughts with me!


You buried the lede! :laughing:

Jeez man @davidbitterbaum Ur a true hustler and I love it. It’s like getting a good zip of green and doin 1/8s dimes and dubs. Good job. I currently moved Sep so books I had to sell wasnt really in the headspace to sell doin so much other stuff. But unpacked some books and new deliveries going to make some free time in the ________ room(haven’t thought of a cool name yet) and put a bunch of books online. Got a few double imma try n offload.