DC Hill House Comics/Joe Hill

The topic of “good reads” was brought up in another thread so I felt the need to post this.
I just thought the world of this series of books. A few were a bit better than others, but all were just such high quality/great reads. Good art, good covers and all the books even had a “serial” type story that was interlaced between the varied issues.

They are still pretty readily available and, in fact, I believe a couple were just released in trade format.
I personally though Basketful of Heads, Plunge (still not wrapped up), and Dollhouse Family were the best, but all were good (Daphne Byrne, Low Low Woods).

Just in case anyone is looking for good horror/suspense type stuff.

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Yeah, most of the books Hill was pumping out were great.

I enjoyed them as well. I think I ended up grabbing most of them.

I think Plunge wrapped up a few weeks ago. Issue one still had me laughing with the cargo hold full of sex toys.

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also a caveat…prolly not the books you want your kiddos to read though lol. Dollhouse Family def had some adult rated stuff.

(Says the kid who was avidly reading King Horror at like age 12 or so) :slight_smile:

Yeah, I think they claim “Mature” only… I think my shop puts them up higher in the “Adult” shelf… which is funny cause they’re still pretty reachable by most kids.

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