DC NFT Marketplace

DC is selling 200,000 Bat cowl NFTs… for $300. :unamused: I wonder how this is going to go over.


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Funny how DC coming out with its NFTs as the NFT markets are trading in a tough market…

Always late to the party DC… :man_shrugging:

I wouldn’t bother with these if they were free…

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Looks like a fancy box to me.

Can I just have the box?

I swear DC can’t do anything right.


We all know my thoughts on NFTs and Crypto. I ain’t touching this.


Have you watched “Trust Nobody” on Netflix about the Canadian crypto market crash? Fascinating whodunnit

I have not but it sounds interesting and I shall seek it out.

I’ve have never been fan of NTFS or Crypto. Some people say that gold or money has no intrinsic value. Gold has real life value like it can be used in electronics, used as art , space deflectors for space shuttles , used in biomedicine or even dentistry. Crypto real value is based on hype only.Something that fluctuates so wildly and unpredictably shouldn’t be used for exchange of goods. Fiat currency value is based on the military might or the goods produced by that country.The only downside of fiat currency is that it loses value if it’s overprinted or if the country loses its military might or goods or services. NFTS are pointless because they’re just links to JPEGS ,and you can easily reproduce them that’s why they’re losing popularity fast. I’m no expert ,but just my own opinion

This guy can explains it much better than me…

I think stocks are safer investments because they’re linked to companies that actually produce real goods rather than hype. High priced NFTS are probably used as money laundering schemes.



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damn! what did a disk partition ever do to you?


NTFS was the worse… Windows sucks! :stuck_out_tongue:

And that’s also a filesystem, not a partition. :wink:

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Whelp, better hope your NFTs are worth more than $25!

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Still better than Veve and their constant promises of it eventually being allowed?

veve prices keep going down, i bought a few comics for less than half the regular buy in price, i hate nft idea but had 10 bucks on there when i tried to get a strange academy at drop