DC printing damages?

Kinda OT but does anyone else who cares about condition finds new DC books over the past 6 months or so to be a complete nightmare to find even decent copies of??
The corners on almost all books are just horrendous. Some are literally torn!!
I went to 3 LC’s yesterday and was not able to find a single not terrible looking copy of Wonder Girl #1A or Catwoman #31B!!
And it’s worse if you order online from a major like Midtown, Lone Star or TFAW cause they don’t consider these “legit” damages and then you’re stuck with crappy copies.
Anyone knows why this is happening and why the printing issues aren’t being fixed?


My DC books are almost always in good shape and arguably better shape than the Marvel / indy books. Diamond is pretty rough on books from what my LCS tells me.

My Wonder Girl, Nightwing, and Justice League were all perfect this week.

Looks like it’s your store when they pull them out the box. My DC books are usually better than marvel condition wise.

I’ve had this issue with TFAW lately and DC card stock covers, but otherwise, DC books (at the LCS, for instance) are always in much better condition than the Marvel ones.

The DC cardstock covers have been like that lately. Other than that Marvel and DC usually seem to be NM when I find them.

When I do make it to my local shop… DC books are always in pristine condition.

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I too almost always receive nice DC copies, be it LCS or mail order. Marvel’s paper and ink is so much more susceptible to rips and rubs.

What @agentpoyo said. DC has way better paper quality then any other publisher. At least in my opinion.

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I like the newsprint feel to their pages. Especially noticeable in my issue of Justice League 61

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Yeah, but with better paper usually comes a price. I get what Marvel is doing, the amount they print, they’re keeping costs down to boost profits without the need to make most of their books $4.99 and up. Just look at the price of most DC books now… they keep raising the damn prices, damn books better have some 24k gold borders and shit on them…


My DC books are always perfect and they get shipped halfway across the world. Marvel on the other hand…

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Spawn uses better paper stock than Marvel, and the Toddfather still has kept his book at $2.99.

Yeah but when you only have to print a couple of thousand books to millions, you cut costs where you can to increase profits. Could Marvel do a better paper stock for all their books? Sure but it would come at a cost when you compare how many books they print compared to the smaller publishers. Remember, Marvel is Disney, Disney shareholders want to see profit whereas most of the revenue for Image books go to the few creators on a title whereas Marvel has much larger teams and more employees to cover.

One must also consider how many would probably stop buying Spawn if the price was increased… you get what you pay for in a product some could argue! You buying paper or a story? I’d say in Spawns case you are just collecting paper cause there’s not much of a story in there. Muhahahahaha!!! :wink:

I’ve typically found DC books in better condition. Part of what you’re seeing may be that Lunar is a bit stricter on what they consider damaged. So it could be copies that your store would report as damaged for other publishers (and that Diamond may accept as damaged) aren’t put out, while these are because Lunar doesn’t.

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