Dc vs vampires glow in dark cover question?

Got the dc vs vampires glow in dark cover from KRS comics.

It has white cover page on front and back, is this to protect it? do I leave it on or can I tear it off?

never seen this before.

I would leave it on. If I’m correct its there to protect the book. I think I’ve seen them before on some Marvel books. Just can’t remember which ones. I think the Solid black cover of Silver Surfer Black had it as well. Just can’t remember for sure.

If it’s yours for the rest of your life and you want to display the cover, take it off. If you want to preserve it and potentially sell it later, leave it on. That’s my take on these types of books with protective sleeves.

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No Poyo. The sleave is there to protect them books. Not to be ripped off. “Won’t somebody please think of the books” in a Helen Lovejoy voice lol.

Jk Jk. @rham6580 do what you want with the book. It’s yours after all…

Them’s fight’n words… meet me by the flagpole after school! :wink:

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I loved the removable protective cover Marvel used on the die-cut Non-Stop Spider-Man 1. Super fragile die-cut, so that was a nice touch. Having it stabled on seems, well, fairly annoying. I mean, I want the cover to be the cover.

What Will CGC or CBCS do If it’s sent in with the sleeve? I think they remove books from poly wrapping if sent in that way, but mostly because the cases aren’t designed for poly bagged books.

But here it’s and extra “cover” and easily encapsulated. So do they remove it for you? Or will you get the book back in 9.8 but can’t Even see what book is inside the case?


When I bought Teen Titans #12 Foil Con Variant it and the other book I got both came with a removable white cover. It’s not meant to stay on the book and you can remove it. It won’t effect anything and who wants to stare at a blank white cover?