DCBS thoughts for 1st time buyer

I did preorder with DCBS because they have 40% discounts on most preorders and some 50% specials. The flat rate shipping seemed reasonable. Are there any drawbacks on this site compared to other preorder sites like TFAW or Midtown? Also, what do you think of what I ordered for October?

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@Jeff Hi there!
I’ve used DCBS for about 3 years now. It is a great service but honestly is (and should be) just one tool relative to your comic collecting.

  1. You have to really plan ahead with them. Once the cut off (which is far less lenient than other sites as they don’t go by the FOC…they go by the end of the months) is over…that’s all she wrote. You can’t change a thing or make any additions.
  2. They don’t typically have “all” the variants. Actually, they have had far less in the last few months/last year. I really don’t know what sort of system they have for ratio variants…it’s pretty random.
  3. They don’t typically have all the later printings/2nds/3rds, etc. They may have some of the very popular ones is all. For example, Thor and Venom they have had of late.
  4. As you have to order so far in advance, and, as with all these sites, there are no guarantees, you can be left high and dry on something if they don’t get it. The way they process things, you may not always get the book, and by the time you figure it out…you are out of luck.
  5. Taking #4 above, in the years I’ve used them, very rarely have I been shorted something. It has happened though and by the time I see I won’t be getting it, I’m not going to find it elsewhere.
  6. I’ve always had excellent shipping and packaging from them, and very rarely have I had damaged books.
  7. Their communication is absolutely horrible. Long delays in responses…to my knowledge…no phone calls/phone number.
  8. If you like graphic novels/omnibuses/books, etc…they have amazing prices.
  9. Take advantage of the fact they have very cheap shipping. Use that to your advantage.
  10. They have some very weird and random offerings of old comics/old back issues, and old variants. For example…back around March…they suddenly had a bunch of the Middleton Batgirl issue and the 1st Immortal Hulk Avengers issue. Just randomly showed up at cover price. It’s worth searching for your favorite artists or books from time to time as you may just find an older, cool variant for a fair price.
    I just ordered the 1:10 and 1:25 variant covers to Darth Varder #1 from them because it is heating up and they still had them on sale for way under ratio.

Whew…that should about cover it (I’m the guy that always rambles). As far as your order goes…looks great! Order what you like…that is all that matters.
If you are using DCBS solely as a means of speccing on books, you will have a tough time due to the ordering windows/time frames you have to submit by. I think they are best used on series/good reads, books you absolutely love regardless of any spec. For example, I always order all of the covers of Spawn through them. Great discount and I know I want them regardless of spec.

Hope that helps.

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I have used DCBS for a little over a year now and I think @Devildog describes them about as good as anybody could. I will say the random times when inventive variants are dropped is frustrating but I do occasionally get lucky and happen to look at the right time and find some bargains for books that have heated up. The lack of customer service is really the biggest problem I have with DCBS, you can only contact them through email and you will have to wait a minimum of 2 days before you get any kind of response.

I’ll echo pretty much everything Devildog said. They pack well and the books are always minty (I pay for bagged/boarded). So far, I have yet to be shorted on an order.

Edited to add: in comparison to TFAW and Midtown, I’ve only recently dipped my toe into the TFAW waters but their FOC system is very appealing as a supplement. Midtown, I think their biggest strength is signed books. But their shipping was slow even before they became a DC distributor.