I’ve never used DCBS, but have heard some decent things about them. They have a Omnibus that I wanted which shows in stock and I selected standard shipping. Do they ship those items that are in stock right away usually? It looks like they also do new books, but ship those out twice a month.

The quality of the books is good. DCBS knows how to ship a book safely. Shipping things fast they are not as good at that. If comics are in stock it will be faster than pre-orders. If you mix pre-orders with in-stock books that might take longer. If you contact them they will respond to inquiries. You have to make pre-orders way in advance compared to other companies. They do have good discounts on pre-orders.

Thank you for the feedback. The Omnibus I ordered showed as being ‘In Stock’ and I chose standard shipping, so would that then go out right away? Thanks

It will ship within a few days is my experience.

DCBS was an alright place to order from…I think I stopped using them because they got a little pissy about ordering multiple copies (flippers) which I will never understand. Company A wants to sell a book, and Customer A wishes to purchase books…Not sure what the problem is.


I didn’t want to badmouth DCBS, because they were always good to me, for many years, with the quality of the books I received and replacing damages which was rare admittedly. Discounts on new books was great.

All that said, I did cease using them as they were indeed awful with ratio variants, ordering multiple copies, and specialty items that I never received (again - reimbursed though).


DCBS sells everything pre-foc. So I never understood why they cared how many copies you ordered. They just adjust their orders to accommodate your order. More you but the more they make. Silly business where they do not want to make more profit.


That stinks that they are no longer as good as they once were.

My order shows the circle in red which according to their legend, means it shipped. Do they usually provide a tracking number?

they change there whole pricing after the gamora incident
when people tried to per-order a ridiculous amount of incentives without ordering any cover a

Sounds like there is nothing good with this place. LOL!

I know I had asked this yesterday, my order shows the circle in red which according to their legend, means it shipped. Do they usually provide a tracking number?

Same folks that are now Lunar Distribution for DC and Scout. I’m sure that’s their primary focus now. Midtown attempted this and their direct sales to consumers suffered. Since then it seems like they’ve rebounded.