DCU off the radar for now. But

Got to be out today. Gonna try and post an interesting article later.

Ohhhh, cryptic messages. Im intrigued.

Hmm. following

Diego’s on the pony. We’ll have to cheese to pay if we’re West, for sure.

Still waiting

A secret thing is happening at a secret time. Shhhh :shushing_face:

I’ll admit I’m a little excited.

I’m guessing it right now…Nightwing changes his mask to sparkly.

I’m trying to find it. If I can’t I’m sorry. Was an older article but had something interesting in it. And then today at the comic shop , I heard the guys talking about something coming up with the Robin flatline. He said get these books. A few he’s called are now doubled. IDK. I’ll have to figure out how to go thru my phone and see if where it is. And actually another thing, look for the brzrkr promo. I just got there when UPS arrived. I’m nosy, and snooped thru a box.

Am I being sold an NFT in this thread? Is this how I get tricked into NFTs? It feels the same: a lot of hype, but nothing yet.


I said I’m sorry if I can’t remember. The brzrkr buy two and get a something is killing the children is a good one. Advance notice goes on sale tommorow. That’s got to be worth 5 cents at least.

I feel like Im late to the party…a party nobody knows about.

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I’m just pulling your leg.

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Plus a friend of mine just got hired to work on the “The Sinner”. I’m gonna ask him if he can pass anything on.

Except me! Although, I showed up to this warehouse and nobody’s here. Maybe I got it wrong…

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You guys are killing me :sob:

I’m at the same warehouse. I just woke up and I’m missing a kidney.


That’s weird. I can’t remember the last four hours and my mouth tastes like kidneys.