Deadly Class canceled

I just read that both Deadly Class and Happy were canceled. I guess I’m not going to move my Deadly Class set now.

It’s the problem with Sy Fy shows they don’t last long.

List ‘em now, @A.King. Get what you can, while you can.

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Watch Good Omens by Neil Gaiman instead, it’s a good story.

Damn. I loved Happy! and haven’t watched season 2 yet. But you know, just getting to a second season is an accomplishment since the comic was only a 4 issue mini-series.

I haven’t even started Deadly Class either. I wanted to finish reading it before watching the show. Oh well, that’s a shame.

Damn, CGC 9.8’s are already at $60 and likely dropping. I guess the CGC 9.8 I got will become a perfect 12 Day of Christmas Giveaway this upcoming holiday season… :wink:

Deadly Class was dope. Maybe Amazon or Netflix can pick it up… Syfy’s a buncha sissies.

They just don’t have the money and marketing I think. Most people think of them as the cheesy Sharktopus movie type of network… I think doing Happy! and Deadly Class would have broke them free of the cheese movies and shows but I guess people didn’t budge. I think another factor is a lot of people are not bothering with cable and the younger generations are opting for the streaming services. It’s us older people who still keep cable around…

I mean, I still have cable but I wouldn’t miss it much. Some days I don’t even know why I bother keeping it.

SyFy did pour some money into “Happy” as far as ads go … at least initially … of course, this is the same network that let “The Expanse” go, which was subsequently picked up by Amazon … one of the best Science Fiction shows for TV ever made …

At least “Z Nation” lasted 5 seasons … I liked it better than “Walking Dead” … :vulcan_salute:

I love Znation Krypton is good too.

Yeah, I really liked it, and SyFy did not continue to try and milk it … it ran it’s course and it ended … I watched the first season of “Krypton” and I’m really looking forward to Season 2 in a week or so …

I liked Z Nation too, I was mad when it was canceled. With Deadly Class I only watched the first couple of episodes the rest are on the DVR, but now I’ll probably just delete them.