Deadpool 3 announcement at SDCC?

It’s been going around today that the DP franchise may have an announcement for Deadpool 3 at this years SDCC.

Is SDCC this weekend?

July 18 it starts, which is 2 weeks from today so it lines up with Liefeld’s you’ll see comic con is 2 weeks statement from today.

Remember if you don’t say his name or acknowledge his existence…he doesn’t really exist…

Is this the old “pull my finger “ trick ??

I would love to see how marvel / disney bring deadpool into the MCU

Old Cap shows up and gives him an ID Card to join the Avengers.

How about this one from Avengers 0.

From what I understand Deadpool 3 will be a Fox movie still and therefore not a part of the MCU yet. Reason being they want to keep Deadpool R rated and under Fox so they don’t taint their Disney MCU image and violate the trust of parents with more mature content.

I’m too lazy to do the research, but does Disney have an R rated movie? I’m sure they do, but nothing comes to mind…and again…lazy.

Yes but only through other companies they own never through Disney.
Disney has released a number of R-rated films through various subsidaries such as Miramax, Dimension Films, and Touchstone Pictures over the years including Pulp Fiction , Kill Bill , Trainspotting , From Dusk Till Dawn , Sin City , Scream , Bad Santa , Con Air , Pretty Woman , and Starship Troopers . Think all the Tarantino movies.

Like Alana pointed out, they’re all under other labels.There are no R rated films carrying the Disney label directly.

I think their first ever R rated movied was under Touchstone Pictures called Down And Out in Beverly Hills from what I’ve read.