Deadpool 30th Anniversary Covers

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Liefeld gonna Liefeld :joy::joy::joy:

Hey, 5 out of 11 of them have feet! Thats impressive.

Rocket looks like he lost all his teeth to the meth pipe.


Whats with the abs? Its like they either face the wrong direction or he blacked em out. LOL

Rocket got pouches :rofl:

Whats up with Cap and Deadpool getting cut off at the shins?


Rocket needs teeth, Deadpool and cap must be standing in some grey water. All in all I like these covers. Especially the silver surfer.

You didnt mention Deadpools teenie tiny sword on that cover


Im not a sadist. Theres only so much bad I can point out at once.

The FF cover is pretty good.

Far from Picasso, I guess

Is it me or does all of Liefelds characters on covers seem like they got something stuck up their butt


Or that Deadpool looks like a 14-year-old kid sidekick next to Cap.

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Or that Caps shield looks like a pizza pan.

Worst one is the Captain America cover. Looks like Deadpool is the victim of a bad photoshop job.

The GoTG Silver Surfer one is the best. Its actually really good.

I havent read any deadpool or watched the movies. Is he ambidextrous? The swords/knives and guns keep switching hands

The movies are great I tried getting into the comics but never could.

Except that Picasso gun.

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The shield isnt even round. He cant draw a circle :rofl: