Deadpool in the MCU

Anyone reading or read the rumors about Marvel’s plans to introduce Deadpool into the MCU?

I welcome this and I think introducing him through the Spider-Man movies is probably the best way, since there is no X-Men yet in the MCU.

I did see an article saying the same thing, @agentpoyo. I read he may appear in Spider-Man 3, or maybe even Far From Home. I honestly can not see it being the latter, given the time constraints. But Im also sure that Reynolds would have been gung-ho to shoot an after credits scene, as DP, for FFH.

I’d give credit for the rumor but I can’t tell who was first as it’s popped up on many websites now.

I’m thinking it’ll be Spider-Man 3 as well but you never know.

Pure speculation but I’m also hearing that he signed a movie deal with Disney/ Marvel and that he will appear in the end credits of Spider-Man far from home.

If DP was to make an appearance in FFH in an after credits scene, that would be amazing (no pun intended). I believe there is currently a little lull in interest due to the overwhelming success of Endgame, and I believe a DP cameo appearance in FFH would totally erase that lull and bring things roaring around again.

ASM #611 is moving well first meeting between the characters. It would make more sense to have Spidey in a Deadpool film that way Marvel gets paid, using DP in a Sony movie means they spent all that money acquiring him just to let Sony make the money. If he would be in a Sony film I imagine it being a cameo after endcredits.

New fan theory out there is Noobmaster69 who Thor threatens via Xbox is Deadpool. That would be great that Deadpool was a part of Endgame and none of us knew.

Lmao…thats the best theory Ive ever heard. We can only cross our fingers that this comes to fruition.