Deal or No Deal

This Collection with 200 books is for Sale on Ebay for 150$

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  • Avenging Spider-Man #9 1st appearance of Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel
  • Monstress #1 1st appearance of Maika

do you see other valuable Books thats make it a good deal?

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Specs past their prime…

any word on condition ?

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condition approx. 70% of the comics are in foil and mint, some with slight signs of use, all clean

If it was me, I’d pass. A lot of those titles I owned at one time and have already dumped at the local Half Price books for pennies on the dollar.


I would pass, don’t see anything of real value


X-Men 134 First Kid Omega. I mean, it’s a $10-15 book, so you won’t get rich. But, agreed, this looks like mostly dollar books.

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Thanks for the reviews as recommended, I will pass

Negotiate or see if the seller will make you an offer.

If you really want the books

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he wanted 250$ and last price was 150$ but thats too much for this collection to check grade on-site

there are some nice covers like The Uncanny X-MEN #4 but the price sucks.


Definitely too much.

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Lady killer and X23 look interesting if first issues? But collection has too many low value comics to consider buying unless price is low enough.

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  • X-23 #1 2010 Women of Marvel
  • Lady killer #1
  • X-Men 134 First Kid Omega

more value than 5$ so let add it to the list of valueable books :+1:

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