Death Metal 5 cover changes

Death Metal 5 the Artgerm was changed from Perpetua to Kull, the Finch from Swamp Thing to Mindhunter, and Parrillo was changed from B Rex to this cover. Is this Spectre? Looks like him.

I think the hooded figure is Luthor.

It’s Spectre based on the updated distributor listings.


So we’ve seen more of Mindhunter than Kull lately. Should we be focusing on him as well. Or will Kull be the one who has legs after this event, similar to BWL after Metal?

The FOC for Death Metal 5 is before the release date for Death Metal 4. The story from Trinity Crisis continues in Death Metal 4. What a wonderful scenario. No mention of Kull in any of the solicits for the future books.

She is a very interesting premise but I am worried she will end up being underutilized. I could be wrong, and have copies on PreOrder just in case… but I feel like maybe DC is about to pivot away from all this Dark Multiverse stuff in the main continuity.