December Walmart packs

Well, the last 5 digits on the brand new walmart variant are 02546, so that would match up with what you are saying. But, the weird thing is the last walmart variant for Venom 25, the one with the white logo, also has 02546 as the last. Maybe they just aren’t considering this a different variant, even though the logos are clearly different colors.


All I know is 46 is too damn many.


It’s all good fun, but yeah, it is pretty crazy.

Imagine if Eternals was already popular enough that stores were clamoring for exclusives, beyond the attempted flood by Marvel.


I got 2 of that same Star Wars action figure variant in- I believe it was Behind my Strange Academy bundles.

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Best filler comic I found was a Yondu #3 1:25 McCrea Variant. Couple of X-Men #1 1:10, duplicates of Star Wars


Bought 2 of the new venom packs. Only decent thing in them was a 1:25 monsters unleashed #3.

Monsters Unleashed was underappreciated for sure.

Thanks to people for posting what’s inside the packs…I got 5 of them and because of other scores yesterday haven’t laid much attention to them. Need to figure out if there’s anything good in them.

Interesting incentives are showing up now…hmmm

I never read it. And I always ebay the extra books to see if it’s any good lol

This was in one of mine
I’m not a big fan of the series, but it’s kind of cool and has value.

That book has a few Porker universe 1st. I hope I got one as I tried to order this book when it heated up and had shops cancel my orders,

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Found 2 more of the venom packs. Doctor doom #4 second print, starbrand and nightmask #1 hip hop variant. Another captain marvel lenticular, and xmen #3 marvels 25th anniversary


I found a couple Strange Academy #1, Venom #1, Venom #25, Thor #1, Champions #1 and a few Star Wars Toys today at my local Walmart today.

You gonna open them?

So I decided to ebay these other filler books from today, and the doctor doom second print seems to be the winner. But I feel the prices are just inflated due to being in a walmart pack?

Yes. I will probably send the Strange Academy comics to get graded and put the others away for now.

Same. The Strange Academy I got is a minty 9.8 worthy book. Venom, which looked good, was a bit tick-tastic once opened. Spiderverse looks really good too, but I don’t know if that merits slabbery.

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My walmart has none of these packs. Dammit

Same with mine. They have the older packs still, but haven’t gotten any of the newer ones.

I checked last week and they didn’t have them. But today they did. Same with the toys.

Ur making me wanna check walmart before this snow storm hits(Tri-State) allegedly

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