Delays This Week!

I’m seeing many, many delay notices-no new books this week delays, popping up for shops in my region/area. The Ohio/Michigan/Indiana regions. Obviously because of the weather and rightly so.

Anyone else starting to see these delays for your areas?

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I’m in Houston, we are still trying to thaw out our homes! We don’t like this cold weather…well, I liked it for about 2 hours when we were having a snowball fight… Then when the power went out I started to not like it.

Hope everyone is staying warm and safe!

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@faele Thinking of you all! It is not fun to deal with it. People make light of it, but areas that expect it, are equipped to handle it. Our entire systems plan for it. Entire road commission service lines run 24 hours loaded with brine mixtures and salt. Varying electrical and heating systems on standby to meet extra demands, etc. We keep our vehicles prepared for it with supplies and such. It’s just our way of life here in the North. We get 8-10 inches of snow and just go about our business for the most part.

It can be deadly and really life altering for those not used to it. Stay warm and stay safe!

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Yeah, not sure if you saw the crash in Fort Worth, but that is a good example of what happens when people don’t know how to drive in such extreme weather. I lived in the North a few times during my life, so I’ve been exposed, and know how to drive in it…but that crash was horrific to watch.

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@faele Saw it…and couldn’t watch it again. Horrible. Marine Corps buddy of mine that was a bit of a mentor to me lives in San Antonio. I’ve been checking in on him as much as I can. Not much I can do, but I worry about him/his family. He told me that my drunken Northern Michigan weather has worn out its welcome.

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All my Saint Louis shops are indicating comics will be delayed at least a day.

I’m on the east coast and get my pulls from some place in New York and they didn’t get delayed and the books came in on time

Mycomicshop has a notice up about power outages. I tried calling today, no one answered. I suspect we will be seeing a lot of books not arrive tomorrow.