Department of Truth #1 Third Eye Variants signed

James Tynion rolled through Third Eye Comic’s and they broke out the special stock of Dept of Truth #1 Third eye Variants and had them signed. I have first access to these. If anyone wants one I have grabbed three for others but will grab the remaining one.

It’s this cover. They are limited to 500 I believe.

$85 shipped signed.

What are they priced at? I may be interested.

$85 shipped.


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I bought them all. I sold two of the five so far.



Ok. That’s one left. Thanks guys. Will DM you.

Did I miss it?

If there’s one left me!

First one to DM me claims it.

I want it but want you to sell it for me and just send me the cash instead… if you don’t, I bump your trust level to 0 and you are limited on the forums. Love you @Anthony , I know you’ll make the right decision. :wink:

I will live with trust level 0

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I’ll make a new trust level… Trust Level -1

Fine then… I’ll just take it to the next level… remember the mess you had to clean up around my bucket last week? It’s gonna be 3 times worse this time… :wink:

Oh. Also SIKTC #1 LCSD signed. Their price is $14.99 so they would be $19.99 shipped if anyone wants one.

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Gah, do the dishes and miss the score.

lol dang missed it

As my ex baby mama once said - ‘I’m late’ :slightly_frowning_face:


That’s like the underworld…or his basement…