Department of Truth #8 TFAW Variant

The TFAW Department of Truth #8 Exclusive Ltd to 500 copies. It’s available for pre-order

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For some reason this cover looks blend to me. Ill pass even though oater I’ll regret it since it will go for lots of $ lol.

Ugh, teaching class and missed it.

That has to be a new record for TFAW!

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Not only bland but it’s the same damn cover Mack is reusing for how many books now? Geez…

Already being listed for $150 on eBay

Wow. That’s fast for a rehashed cover.

I guess there were 500 people that wanted to completed their Mack sets with this one.

And breaking the 30 day pre-order policy as well… :wink:


But sold out and will sell for multiple times what the cover price was

Oh I know… people are effin crazy…

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Missed it. Annoying! Need to set up some kind of alerts on my phone.

Missed it myself as well.

Damn… oh well. What’s up next from Tfaw?

Funny you should ask, they also dropped You Promised Me Darkness #1 TFAW Exclusive today

I got 2 of those exclusives (1 for me 1 for the wife) A lot better then Department of Truth. And you can’t beat the 2 for the price of 1 lol.