Department of Truth confirmed picked up!

Sister has picked up film and TV rights after outbidding 10 others.

Tynion to co-write TV series and will exec produce

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What is sister?


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The production company that did Chernobyl for HBO


Elisabeth is Rupert Murdoch’s daughter.

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I have like 5 copies .I’m still waiting for James Tynion to sign the copies.

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Love it, I have a momoko virgin cover signed by Peach and Tynion at cgc being graded right now should be coming back soon :heart_eyes:

CGC or raw? He is doing a raw signing coming up at my LCS net month but he is charging $10 a book with no cgc option.

Raw copies that I want it to be signed and graded.I want CGC option. If they don’t have CGC option, then Never mind then.

Who is the Lady in Red? I have never read Departmant of Truth.I just bought the raw copies for spec only. LOL

$10 a signature… F that…

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I really hope this becomes a tv show within the next 20 years. :roll_eyes:

Third Eye Comics was doing signed Tynion books last year and I think Wynd was cover price and the Batman books were $10.

20 years? I’ll be dead by then… :crazy_face:

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She hasn’t been officially named yet. She works with the people trying to expose the Department of the Truth.

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