Department of Truth foil covers

This is going to be a hard one to get, but good luck on Monday if you care.

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Hoped to pass on this, but stopped at my LCS and damn if that cover isn’t fantastic. Nabbed an A. B is great, too.

Looks like I’ll be late for my Monday morning meeting!

At least you’ll have an excuse!

A comic company will understand you had to buy comics.

I’ve done meetings while picking up comics at the comic shop… it’s called bluetooth + zoom on phone :wink:

Sold out now.
It’s up.

I was too slow. Oh well.

Thanks! Seeing your alert reminded me because I 100% forgot!

He only released 75 of each cover. However, he clearly states in his newsletter that the bulk of these books will be available throughout the next convention season in 2021. I grabbed a few and will look to flip immediately. Will look to buy more when he relists next year or at a convention or 2.

Sold out in about 10 minutes from when I received the JT email. There were 30 available (A and B) when I started checkout and sold out when I finished checkout.

I wouldn’t bet on many big conventions happening in 2021 yet…

Either way, he will just relist 75-100 every month for who knows how long. He doesn’t disclose the print run of each book. Very clever on his part.

Even if there are, I’m not going…

People pre-selling these on Ebay…smh

Foil cover = spine tics

Never pre-sell foils.

Also, people are advertising them as “LTD to 75 available”. Yes, 75 were made available but there most assuredly are a LOT more than 75 printed. Tynion stated in his newsletter that no more will be offered until next year. So, it will fuel the misrepresentation.

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I never pre-sell anything as a consumer, not until I have it in hand.

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