Detective Comics #1000 CGC 9.9 Alex Ross Variant

Detective Comics #1000 Alex Ross Variant edition CGC graded 9.9

I have this listed at auction on ebay right now starting bid $499.99. Here’s the link:

It’s very rare to receive a 9.9 grade and very hard to find this comic graded 9.9. There are only 17 9.9s listed on the CGC census.

I will consider reasonable offers. Feel free to hit me up with an offer.

This CGC comic comes from my personal collection and has been treated with care. I will package it as safely and securely as I can using bubble wrap and I will ship it out as fast as possible using priority mail with insurance.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!


All for advertising if you’re selling a book, but you gotta double check your census stats. x88 9.9’s, x6 10’s,


ugh, as a reminder,…

Detective Comics 1000, Action Comics 1000, etc are all thick books…

All thick books are EASY 9.8’s and somewhat easy for 9.9s…


Here’s another one… TMNT Last Ronin #1


He must have looked at the 17 9.6’s which, are indeed, scarcer than other grades. :wink:


If you don’t look to the right you miss the signature series which there are 16 more 9.6a.

Looks like a lot of signed books without witnesses…lots of qualified grades.


Holy cow! yup

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Sorry I must’ve looked at the wrong info for the census. I’ll fix it. I didn’t mean to mislead anyone.

It was a mistake. I wasnt trying to mislead anyone. Thanks

I think everyone realizes it was an honest mistake. No worries.


Cool thanks man. I hope someone bids on it.

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This didn’t sell. I have it listed at $499.99 or best offer. Please contact me if you’re interested.

tbh with the count and demand for that book, I’d set is as BIN for 300$ and if you take offers settle on 250ish. 9.9 is great, but there’s a decent supply and there are so many Tec 1000 variiants that it diluted the market on it.


Saw single sale for a 9.8 last month for 300, so I’d say set it for 400 and settle for 350ish unless you want to move it quick


and he sells them on his website all the time, and now has a club. Modern 9.9 means nothing, they can even print more if they want, and Alex will sign those too and put on his website.

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ouch. All this data is too much truth. Would rather think the book is rare and be happy. Personally, I don’t want a graded book if there are more than maybe 250 of them at just a 9.8., more than 5 at 9.9 and you know they aren’t normal books - it was their business plan to scam. No point in conserving or preserving it in a slab at all.

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