Detective Comics Wal-Mart Giant flipping opportunity


The one interesting thing about it is that it apparently has the original Tec 27 story uncensored…supposedly with the knife in the back of a murder victim shown. Which hasn’t been in prior reprints.

Don’t know if that’s worth $200…I wouldn’t think so…

Most independent books have smaller print runs each week than his book…


This reminds me of the lie that Young Avengers 1 Wizard World Los Angeles variant had only 500 copies printed… that’s total BS. It was given away to every single person who preordered a ticket, but this myth has persisted, even though common sense should give a better estimate by now.


I would never spec on a Wizard World convention exclusive… toilet paper is worth more than any Wizard World exclusive. :wink:


and feels better on your bum! Eh, @agentpoyo?


Here is the case in point of just how desperate krap collector is to make everything a ‘key’.

1st appearance of Swamp Thing as an ear of corn. :joy: And people pay for that invaluable info.


That maybe more of a Tom King thing honestly. But first swamp thing as an ear of corn is beyond ridiculous. Unless your into swamp thing and ears of corn. I would never pay for comic advice when it’s all out there for free.


My point is made either way. Is it a key, according to krap cc, because of the 1st appearance of Swamp Corn? or is it a key because Tom King wrote it? Neither of those things make it a ‘key’.


Where does it say key? Is it just assumed every comic listed on his app is a key?


In the title of the app is where it says key. I’ve never used the app, and am also assuming that all the books he lists are all keys. That’s his whole ‘thing’, isn’t it? …well, that and the lies.


GI see. Either way a key is really in the eye of the beholder, so it’s up to the user of the app to decide for themselves.

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