Detective Comics Wal-Mart Giant flipping opportunity

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Hadn’t seen a post for this, so I just wanted to spread the word. The Wal-Mart exclusive comic of Detective Comics 80th Anniversary is hitting crazy numbers.

It went up to a crazy high of $170 settling in the $120 range for now. Basically, ComicTom’s YouTube video of Hot Books of the Year listed this book as #1. Not sure why, but it has led to this feverish buying of this book. Flip them if you have them. This book will probably keep tumbling down.

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Hard to find…never seen one myself. I thought it came out in March time frame? So not sure you’ll see them out and about at Walmart.

Yes, came out around March. Doubtful Wal-Mart’s still have them available. If they did, that means someone set them off to the side in the back stocking area and forgot about them more than likely…

Nice. I have a nice NM copy. I collect Batman comics though so I’ll hold on to mine. Seems like this might end up being a true rare comic.

I have a customer that is some sort of traveling jobber or inspector for Walmart … on this info, I asked him to keep an eye out and I would pay a bounty on each book he could deliver … he’s hit at least 10 Walmarts in the last 3 days or so with no luck at all …

What happens in the new story in the book? Any significant 1sts? And how many of the 7 stories in the book are new?

There aren’t any 1st appearances in it or anything. I think what makes it key is that there were so few copies printed. According to Key Collector there was only 56 stores that received 60 copies each for a total of approximately 3360 copies in existence.

Why would any one store get 60 copies?? And where would they put hem? The boxes for the monthly maybe hold 30?

They were packaging up extras/back-issues of the giants in three packs and selling them for a discount a month or so ago…wonder if some will find their way into those…BOLO!

But yes, with nothing significant inside the book and not an exciting cover, I wouldn’t expect this to hold much value…sell now if you got em!

I don’t know :man_shrugging:. I’m just repeating what I read on Key Collector. I searched Google and they’re the only website that has any information for why this comic went parabolic. Bleeding Cool had an article but they had no idea why.

Thank you for the response. I’m now curious to know how that app got a hold of Walmarts ordering information. Idk, for a book of mostly reprinted stories, the current market prices do not add up to me. Maybe you should sell at these high water marks. I can not see the book holding that value for very long, given its contents.

Yeah it is curious how they got the info from Walmart. I hope they didn’t just make it up. I try to collect every Batman comic I can so I’ll keep it for my collection and if it holds it’s value then that’s great and if it doesn’t that’s ok with me too.

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This was over at CGC and this is what was reported.

Only 56 stores ?? I call bullshit. Until I see more official proof, Krap Collector is lying. How did he come up with this info ??

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Never trust Key Collector or Comic Tom

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The ol’ comments section. Always known as the best source for reliable, accurate information. Lol.

“as ‘reported’ by krap collector”…that is a f*cking funny line.

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Makes absolutely no sense when all the other giants are released in most stores. What makes even less than absolutely no sense is having 50-60 copies sitting in each of those stores when many of the giants are just sitting on shelves or repackages into 3-packs and offered at a discount. Why would Walmart agree to such a poor sales strategy?

I second the call for B.S…

I’m reading now over at the CGC forums their numbers changed yet again. Only 1500 exist now. I call bullshit. This is from their app. So it’s almost half the number reported by them previously.

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No chance in hell that the krap collector guy got his hands/eyes on the Wal-Mart national purchase order for a comic book, or anything.
This is Nick being Nick. Dishonest, opportunistic and loves to make shit up and over pump said made up shit.

The fact that KrapCC changed numbers is clear proof that they had no concrete data to begin with. KCC giving more cud for it’s sheep to chew on.


Next week it’ll be 750 copies known to exist…

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The funny thing is, even if it’s 3000 or 1500, which I’m certain it is neither, it is a nothing book full of, mostly, reprinted stories. Every single Marvel store variant has a print run of 3000, and I believe DCs to be 2500. A nothing reprint book, with an okay cover, with 1500-3000 print run is not worth much, to me.

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