Diamond Books not out until Friday

So as reported by a few stores in my area, as well as Mycomicshop, Diamond will not be getting new books out to stores timely. This is due to the server hack and pretty much shutting down. My LCS gets their Marvel from Penguin now and DC from Lunar, so they have Marvel and DC, but everything else is delayed. Shops using Diamond for Marvel, like MCS, will not have Marvel books in until later this week.


Hopefully they have a copy of the ordering data because they didn’t mention that on the post, just that personal and financial info are kept separate. Shops could get the wrong orders when things do ship if they don’t have a copy or offline record of orders.

And this link looks scary; not sure why they didn’t just put the direct URL there:

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Safelinks. When you receive messages with links to web pages, Outlook.com checks whether the links are related to phishing scams or are likely to download viruses or malware onto your computer . If you click a link that is suspicious, you will be redirected to a warning page like the one below.

That’s why your link looks all jacked up…

what about next weeks books ?

how long is the LP vinyl record variant for that image book delayed? it didnt ship to anyone

Diamond is going to yank them and sell them on eBay… they need cash! :wink:


The 2 shops in my area did recieve theirs…thankfully…

They could have ordered from Penguin.

We are less than an hour from Diamonds warehouse and most stores around here pick up their orders. Pickup still is not available at this time.

Also, just saw this:

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All of my FOC cutoff Pre Orders from last week for Marvel/Other Publishers on Previews Pullbox are still unconfirmed?. DC Pre Orders are confirmed for last week?.

Getting worried that all my Pre Orders except DC are screwed up and not going through and getting confirmed. I just looked earlier and now I can’t make any DC pre orders?. Says the store does not allow ordering of this item/items?. It’s so screwed up??..and DIAMOND when looking at FOC is just a mess…

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It’s like Diamond is trying to not sell comics anymore…without actually stopping selling comics.

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MCS has uploaded their delayed inventory earlier than Friday - go get your books now!

Mycomicshop if you want to support the site

Was able to snag 2 SA13 Adams variants for cover.

Looks like invoices were made yesterday but shipments didn’t go out until yesterday or today (for this week’s releases).

Not that it matters too much in our case, but hey at least for once we aren’t the only ones getting Diamond late!

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their site down again?

yep, they still haven’t shipped WHAT’S THE FURTHEST PLACE FROM HERE? #1 records

AGAIN? What the Hell…

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