Diamond Shipping Changes - This may be the biggest news from the entire convention!

I will go on and add that a stronger box has to help but without a fixed center divider, the two separate stacks can still get mixed and rolled together in boxes that aren’t completely filled like always as UPS stacks them on end, rolls them around and whatever else they do other than keeping “THIS END UP!!!”

Its nice to see Diamond recognizing the problem. That is a good start. Now if Marvel would announce they were going to start using better quality paper stock and inks for their books…

Huh, that actually is really good news!

The gift that keeps giving to everyone for years to come!!! Better fill rates for your pulls, less damage and headaches for the stores and even more copies for that 1st person who shows up Wednesdays to take home and keep E-bay stocked up longer and with better quality!!! :persevere:

It’s the same with the Marvel short comic boxes I feel they are weaker cardboard than a normal white short box, just like their comics are crappier paper.

I haven’t had a decorated theme comic box yet that I felt was as durable as the white. I have maybe 25 to 30 different ones in so far. They do outsell the white ones two to one though and at a higher price. I sell a lot for theme gift boxes also. Buy the box, fill it with comics, toys and figures, add a bow maybe and your done. Crazy sales also at different times like whatever has the same name/team and fits in the box with the lid on is a % off and the box is free type deals.