Did Black Widow really die?

A few fan theories going around after the events of Far From Home that maybe none of the Avengers ever died in Endgame.

They are saying maybe one or all of the dead Avengers were their Skrull counterparts. Where would the real Cap, Ironman, and Black Widow be, creating SWORD and battling intergalactic threats with the likes of Captain Marvel.

My problem with this theory is both Captain America and Ironman’s contract have run out. Not saying they couldn’t be extended in the future as Robert Downey was suppose to be done after Avengers Ultron but his contract was further extended up to Endgame. But strangely enough we don’t know the details of Scarlett Johansson’s deal and how many movies are left on her contract.

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Skrulls, the Beyonder, Galactus in my opinion are all headed our way. Good chance we will see some if not all of the dearly departed in the future in one form or another.

I’m pretty sure Downey is done. He’s not getting any younger and wants to go off and do other things.

Also I read Downey’s new contract was reworked where he got paid less but he got profit shares from the movies. Which works in his favor and pretty smart if you ask me. Infinity War and Endgame are gonna pay him until he dies more than likely.

He must have the same agent as Sir Alec Guinness did! Talk about a ridiculously smart move!

Yup. I’m still pretty young so i always told my self if I won one of those huge mega millions or Powerball jackpots I’d probably take the 25 payments… I’d rather get the full amount year after year for 25 years than take the lump sum now. More money than I need anyways… Most would go to charities.

Could even more MCU citizens be revealed as green-skinned aliens in the future?

“It’s certainly possible,” Sommers told The Hollywood Reporter . “We didn’t write anything in specifically and we have not personally planned anything out, but I think it certainly opens up a world of possibilities that is very exciting.”