Did you know? Conan the Barbarian

I imagine most everyone is aware, but I think it’s interesting for those that may not be.

Before Barry Windsor Smith started his incredible run of Conan the Barbarian in October of 1970, he sort of honed his skills on the “Conan look” in this book from April 1970.

Fun little back story at the end of the book featuring “Starr the Slayer”. If graded this book does receive a note of this being a Conan like character.

Really cool bronze age horror book. This was also on my list as it was a book published from the month/year of my birth. Really nice copy I grabbed this weekend.


Interesting! I love random trivia like this!


I had Barry sign this book at a tiny local bookstore during his Opus tour. Barely advertised

My gosh did he give me a hard time with the autograph on this comic.


Hard time?..in a good way, or did the staff have to hold him back?

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Let’s just say he feels he’s above his own comic work and that he is on par with Rembrandt.


Interesting (and thanks for sharing). That just seems so odd to me. It’s a good story, good art, fun comic book. I guess I’m not wired the same way, but I would think anything they put their hard work into would be important and a source of pride. Regardless of where it fell within the hierarchy of their accomplishments. Ego stuff like that is so odd to me. A shame…


A unique man for sure.
I have no qualms with his thoughts and interpretations about the hobby and his own contributions to the hobby.

Where i was a bit “put off” is there was literally, and i mean literally no one in this bookstore to see him. So i talked to him for 20 minutes - just me & him. We chatted about Monsters which was a work in progress at the time; as well as Opus that he was promoting (and other topics).

At the very end (still no one else there) i asked for a little remarque in the Opus hardcover. Omg - it was like i asked for his 1st born, and got a whole diatribe on unscrupulous comic hobbyists selling his artwork. Although not necessarily directed at me, it made me feel quite crummy as if i was being grouped in the unscrupulous category. I left with a pretty sour interaction on what had previously before that been “interesting” conversation.

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As Howard Chaikin said to me once over a request for a signature…that £5…this is my job not my hobby…i didn’t get his signature…lol

Howard Chaykin is an ASS! I won’t buy or support him whatsoever…

Me neither…have not bought a single thing of his since.

I won’t even promote anything he does on CHU either… the only time I mention his name is to remind people this guy is a ass hole who shouldn’t be in this business. He’s not even qualified to pick up my dog shit from the back yard…


That same day, I did get this which is a prize in the PC.
There’s lots of Conan 9.0’s out there.
But I’m willing to gamble there aren’t alot of signed Barry Windsor-Smith & Roy Thomas 9.0s or any other grade for that matter.