Die!Die!Die #1 Silver Foil

Any idea how many are out there?
Apparently a few have been around long enough to get signed and CGC’d.

Tomorrow they go out in the 2 figure packs (Bloody Version)

They were one of the retailer appreciation foil variants Image was doing for stores where they all got one each, so a decent amount probably exist, but not a TON.

No, the one per store appreciation variants are Gold Foil. I still have mine. This one’s Silver Foil.

Here’s the Gold

Here’s some Silver Foil listings

There’s even one listing that has a gold and silver side by side.

Where did you get it from?

Toy pack released today with the new shipment. It says limited but there’s no qty for how limited. Comes packed inside the box neatly.

I did not realize that! Now I’m wondering if I should keep an eye out!

Is there a comichron for Mcfarlane toys? If you can figure out how many toys were sold that might give a hint at the comics production. There was a non bloody version also. I’m thinking if there are already some on E-bay CGC’d and signed then it must have been released some other way months ago I haven’t heard about. Those numbers would need to be figured in also.

Skybound is notorious for re-releasing variants. Remember the Pink Oblivion song? First it was a Skybound Mega Box Exclusive. Then they released it to shops. Has happened before and will happen again.

If that’s the one with the logo pink I found one copy randomly mixed in about 150 copies of #1 ordered and delivered in two shipments.

I found a shop that got 10 copies on reorder. All were pink. I bought them all and sold them. I had one from my megabox. It has no value now. Should have sold that too.

Sometimes I think it’s not the publisher but Diamond doing the messing up or at least the employees. Just yesterday I once again received one toy shipped that was supposed to be an assortment/case pack.

That’s such a small difference in outer appearance it’s easy to miss if you aren’t looking resulting in a handful going into the wrong sorting bin at Diamond. I had to go back and look thru all copies a couple months after they arrived and I found out about it. It’s possible a copy or more got sold in that time. That issue of Oblivion Song with the secret frog on the cover sat on the shelf and got sent out in the hold boxes for a week before I found out about it.

If you still have it file it away for a decade or so until something gets developed. It’s not like the price can really go down much. Nothing left but potential for future marketing.