DIE (series)

So I know everyone has forgotten about this series, so I’m here to remind you that right now is a GREAT buying opportunity if you want to spec on this already optioned, live action D&D series.

Personally, I can’t wait for the series to get going again (bittersweet since it’s billed as the final story arc).

Anyone else into it? Speculating?

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Seems like an Interesting series but I’m not seeing any news online about Die ever being optioned. Still would translate well in a film or tv series.

I’ve been buying every issue and enjoy it, but I also haven’t heard any news of any option.

I also haven’t seen anything about this being optioned but I also thought it would be a good show so I had been buying it. I have 1 9.8 graded issue 1, 2x raw number 1 issues that need to go for grading and then the rest of the series raw.

For some reason I was sure this was optioned.

The key collector app mentioned it back when the series was fresher, and I remember issue 1 going for crazy money.

So that alert together with the article below had people scrambling for copies and there were 5 printings of #1 I believe.

I guess I missed that. Good to know.

The second article is about pretend casting good comics. This hasn’t been optioned.


That article was released after the key collector app sent out an alert that it had been optioned. If it hasn’t been optioned, the app would have issued a retraction or correction. Someone should reach out to the app guy for clarification. *Not it!

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Yes, I questioned Key’s alert on this getting optioned originally as they never released any information and I have yet to see anything else in the news that it got optioned.

If you’re a “spec” tool, any type of news that moves books should be questioned if you don’t provide any type of source or evidence to back that claim up. Until such facts or sources are presented, well, we can just all assume you’re pumping and dumping based on lies to for your own gains.


To me any news that helps sell books means it’s time to try to sell those books.


Yes but if its made up news… I’m not a fan of that.

I think as long as you aren’t the one starting the rumors you’re fine. People need to do research before buying it’s on them.

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100% agree with Todd, as long as I didn’t start the rumor I got no problem selling something if the price has gone up even if it’s fake news.

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@monopolyjackson You think Die 1 will see it’s old prices from a couple years ago? It’s amazing how beloved this series was then after the first arc ended just went silent…

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My wife and both love this book. It anyone could hook up a few copies of the U.K. version of #16 I’d be super grateful. Article here:

I’d buy this OA if I knew how to approach the situation!

What does anyone know about Die #1 4th Print Virgin Variant? It states it’s limited to 500 but I can’t confirm it. Though I haven’t really dug into it.

store variant

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Do you know which store?

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