Director Barsha First Appearance In Crimson Reign #5

So finally getting to read the preview of Crimson Reign #5 and unless this is someone in disguise it looks like we’re getting a new first appearance in Director Barsha.

Here’s the preview + my speculation of who he may actually be that will probably look silly this time next week. Tinfoil hat is on snug this week.


He DOES look very Thrawny!!


There seems to be an Unknown 616 exclusive with him on the cover?

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Sheeesh economy in star wars is even not doing great if he has to have 2 jobs.


I saw that for the first time this morning. No idea when that dropped but looks pretty damn Chiss to me. But also looks like Valance (I know its not) so it could be a human with a cyborg eye that just happens to be shaded blue and standing exactly like Thrawn as a misdirect.

This on sale at 616Comics, Frankies Comics, Unknown Comics, and Kirkham’s own store.

EDIT: NVM when you zoom in it looks like this is clearly Valance. may have gotten too excited

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I think Valance becomes Barsha. Just my prediction.

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No face reveal is annoying. I agree with DW that Valance clone/rebrand is probably the most likely option but I hope that is wrong. Wouldnt really excite me much.

So still a first appearance just not revealed yet?

If he’s important that will be debated until the end of time haha.

He’s a named character with dialogue so I personally call it a first appearance even though you cant see his face. But for some, they will call it a cameo. I see both points.

Cameo’s are first appearances. There’s first, second, third and so on… cameo is just a way to describe the “first appearance”… sometimes the 2nd appearance is referred to as “first full appearance” but we should all set the record straight, an appearance is exactly what it is and there’s a first, second, third and so on…


Yeah I agree with you. I’m just saying that we know that some people will label it as a cameo. I do feel like this one is a bit odd because you don’t see his face but he is named and speaks.

An appearance is a character appearing in any form or fashion; we know of their existence. The people who want to claim cameo only and then argue it’s not a first appearance but a cameo have other motives more than likely.

This only can confirm who the character is. It doesn’t make it any more or less of an appearance, as an appearance by definition is a physical presence.

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yeah I agree with you. Im not arguing otherwise. Just saying from a speculation standpoint there will be people who value the issue with his face which will impact price on both issues.

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