Dirty D’s F.O.C. (6/17/23)

Hi, ya’ll.

This week there really isn’t a lot of spec books. Some sweet and entertaining covers and maybe interesting reads, but a slow week otherwise (even my pick of the week is a guess). No DC that I can tell, either. So let’s jump into it.


At First You Don’t Succeed (Later Printings)

Void Rivals (2nd Print) – This book has two covers. Both feature Jetfire and are worth a look for Transformers fans. The Monster at the End of This Book was a childhood favorite of mine as well. Need more Little Golden Book homages!.



Void Rivals #1 (2nd Ptg Cover A - Howard)



Void Rivals #1 (2nd Ptg Cover B - Marz Jr)
Trivia Time: The character Jetfire was actually known as Skyfire in the 80’s G1 cartoon. Those of us who were children of 80’s, like me, watched the cartoon and read the comics were likely confused by this. Especially since the Hasbro toy was still called Jetfire (what the hell, right? Imagine asking Mon & Dad for Skyfire for your birthday, just not to get it because Mom and Dad said the only toy they saw like it was Jetfire…!). Anyway, the reason isn’t 100% clear, but it seems to be related to a licensing dispute (or concern for one) where Hasbro had a deal with Takara, but Jetfire’s original design was acquired by Hasbro through Bandai/Macross. And it’s rumored Takara didn’t like Hasbro using anything but their designs, especially since the cartoon was to air in Japan and that meant the cartoon would basically be advertising for a toy of their competitor. So the name was altered for the cartoon to Skyfire (while the toy character in the US kept the Jetfire name). The transformers cartoon bible also notes how the character’s name was to be changed from Jetfire to Starfire “due to legal issues.”
And now you know. And knowing is half the battle! (whoops….wrong 30 minute toy commercial…)

Curses! Foiled Again!

Boom! officially jumps on the Foil variant train this week. And Marvel does it again…this time with Star Wars.


Something Is Killing the Children #31 (Cover C - Foil Dell Edera)


Something Is Killing the Children #31 (Cover D - Foil Frison)

Likely nothing special to these SIKTC books spec-wise, but worth a look if you like this series and shiny covers.


Star Wars Dark Droids #1 (Foil Variant)

Beware this book. Marvel is charging retailers cover (like they were for the Hulk 181 facsimiles), so look for sites that are have it at cover and below. But you run the risk of them cancelling your order or raising the price on you if they find out. TFAW is one of those as they still list it at $4.19, though. SWARM SWARM!!!


For the Read



Ghost Rider 16 (Cover A)



Ghost Rider #16 (Em Gist Variant)
Over the years, the same hitchhiker has found Danny Ketch, Robbie Reyes and now Johnny Blaze! Join us for this stand-alone tale of terror that threatens the past present, and future of the Ghost Riders
Oh why must you make be choose between a cool “infinity-like” cover and E.M. Gist? Don’t you know I’m on a budget?! Well, trying to be on a budget. But what I really like about this pick is that it’s a stand alone story, which is underrated in today’s story telling. I’m in. (and yeah, I’m getting both covers, dammit.)




Fishflies #1

When a brutal and violent crime puts the life of an innocent teenage boy in the balance, it sets off a chain of events in bucolic Bell River, Ontario that will permanently change several residents’ lives. And as the manhunt heats up, a lonely girl named Franny Fox will form an unlikely friendship with a fugitive that leads them on an odyssey of discovery and redemption
Not much buzz, but the concept sounds cool. Or maybe it’s just a remake of Sweet Tooth. I’m rarely disappointed with Lemiere’s worth, so I say it’s worth grabbing the first book.

You’ve Gone this Far….Might As Well See It Through



Extreme Venomverse #5 (of 5)

It’s like you’ve eaten 9 bad subs, but you need to eat one more to stamp your card at 10 and get that free one. Can’t stop now! Jeff the Venom Shark, Major League Venom and Venom-zilla? I’m guessing at the names, but that’s what they look like. Has Marvel hit the bottom of the barrel on these venom variants yet? It’s the last issue of the mini-series, so we’ll be spared of more…for now…


Cosmic Ghost Rider #5
One character will undergo a shocking transformation as a new force explodes into the Marvel Universe!
Not a series that has excited many. But the solicitation seems like there could be a first, or change to a character to keep an eye out for. So keep this one on the radar as it could be a smaller print run.


Not Star Wars, but Star…Weird…?

The solicitation for Doctor Aphra 34 promises the introduction of Starweird…or Star Weird…I dunno. And rumor is the character is on Cover A as well as one of the variants. Although Darth’s and Sith’s have been good spec in the past, other villains not so much. Still, it’s not out of the realm of possibilities this character could show up in future movies or TV series. And it checks a few boxes if the character is indeed on the cover.



Star Wars Doctor Aphra #34 (Cover A)



Star Wars Doctor Aphra #34 (Kyle Hotz Variant)

There’s also the Ordway classic trade dress for those collecting these.



Star Wars Doctor Aphra #34 (Ordway Classic Trade Dress Variant)


Pick of the Week



Amazing Spider-Man #31 (JTC Negative Space Variant)

Ok ok ok. People were put off by the last one of these with the Death of Ms. Marvel. But come on, you know that spoiler cover was going to be a character death…not a reveal. If you went heavy on it, then that’s on you.

But this one is different. Let’s look at the facts working against it from being heavily ordered:

  • It’s a high price tag, which discourages high print runs, especially non-anniversary/milestone issues
  • People are put off by the last spoiler cover, which may result in even less demand
  • It’s a Negative Space Variant, which seems be done to death lately…so not necessarily enticing in and of itself.
  • It seems to be a wedding issue, which is a turn-off more than inspiration to buy lately.
Now the solicitation: “glimpses of some of the biggest unannounced Spider-projects and extra bonus awesomeness!”

So I don’t think this cover is of the main (boring) story. Why classify that? So my gut tells me the classification is likely centered around the last part about “unannounced spider-projects.” Or the extra bonus.

If so, this cover could be a hit as a potential first cover and first appearance…AND in a NEGATIVE SPACE VARIANT!

Did I mention it’s a Negative Space Variant?

Negative Space Variant.

(Don’t make me say it again…because I will)


Drek of the Week



Star Wars #35 (2nd Print) – They could have put the first appearance of the character on the cover…but nooooo. That would make sense. And why did the Green Sabre turn Red (from 1st to 2nd prints)?

Granted it’s “not final art”, but Marvel doesn’t seem to be on the ball with Star Wars reprints like they are with superhero books with firsts that got to reprints. They’re caught off guard and their only recourse is to change the colors of the cover in just about all cases.

That’s it for this week, CHU-zers! Have a great weekend!


BTW, even though the Amazing Spider-man 31 books are on FOC, their release date is August 9th.

So if you combine this book with other orders on FOC this week it may delay delivery of the other books (most books that’dn FOC this week come out on 7/19).

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