Dirty D’s F.O.C. (7/22/23)


Small week with some cool stuff.

Anyone buying PENGUIN #0 ?

It reprints the 1st appearances of his 2 children…

I haven’t heard of it

They meant, “Penguin,” I think. Unless there is some other random comic coming with a similar name. It has happened. Look at the name Punchline at DC and Antarctic Press!

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I saw it…given it just collects Batman 125-127 (backup stories only) and I have those books, I didn’t see the point even mentioning it.

Doesn’t everyone have Zdarasky’s Batman run on their pull?

I also thought these were $1-$2 books (cover A, anyway).

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Great eye on that The Vigil Malavia variant @D-Rog! I personally love the Malavia variants in the series. Each issue after #1 expertly highlights a team member while still moving the story forward around. The covers represent the highlighted member. Indian cast of characters from East/Southeast asian creatives. Refreshing mini to read from a not so well known publisher, DC comics.