Dirty D’s FOC (5/26/23)


Nice write up

it’s dirty d time :sunglasses:

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no whatnot should ever be on any list
the are all homage and nothing else


Indies in general should not be on anyone’s list.

Especially when they have store exclusives…

Yall missed Avengers Beyond 4.

What was the other Avengers type book recently where there was supposed to be 6 average people who became important?

It’s not so much I missed it, but more that New characters have been showing up in Avengers books the last few years that haven’t done much. So didn’t feel compelled to point it out.

But feel free to elaborate what is drawing you to this book. Either here or in the FOC thread. I’m sure others may be interested to hear now that you mentioned it!

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Judgement Day

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I think someone mentioned it before but MK 25 looks to have 1st Layla El-Faouly.

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Is that this week? I didn’t see MK on FOC in Previews or talked about him n FOC videos.


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ah yea looks like TFAW has it a week early, PRH has it for next week.

I’m not sure how this ties into Timeless 2023, but here’s some background on what’s happening in this book and an upcoming fantastic four.


Timeless 2022 stated there would be a new group of Avengers.

Most shops will keystone the Hulk 181 facsimile to maintain a standard discount structure. I think many shops are not going to order this one on principle alone. Maybe it will be harder to find. Any online outlet charging less than $3.99 will wind up canceling your order(s).

Stores will most definitely be ordering the Hulk 181 foil. No store is missing it. Now, how many each store orders is the question. Just look at the Ebay listings and Google search…

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I agree there are plenty of sellers on ebay listing this book. However I run in many circles and in some of those circles folks are posting that they will not be ordering these. However what folks say and do are two different things. That we can agree. I am ordering these because of the long tail. This will always sell.


Some sellers had the Mexican foil 181 facsimiles on offer for hundreds of dollars - this is going to tank those to some degree. I would think every store would have at least a couple foil buyers, and same with the ASM #300 foil. Seems like a no-brainer to order.

I also want to add - in case no one has mentioned it already - that “Dirty D’s FOC” can be sang perfectly to AC/DC’s “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap”.