Dirty D’s FOC (6/10/23)


Honorable mention for cover buy:

great choice. I do my FOCs on Tuesday night to take in on Wednesday, sometimes i can’t make it on Wednesday so I do it on Thursday night and take them in Friday…

This week I’m doing

Antarctica #1
Alice Never After #1
Blade #1 (JTC Variant)

Deadpool Badder Blood #2 (Liefeld Female Shatterstorm Varian)
Not much a fan of Liefeld, but I do love Shatterstorm.

Thinking ahead to next week…curious about people’s thought on Fish Flies by Jeff Lemiere.

Gonna be a great read more than likely!

I read a chunk of it via the year his Substack was going. He warned it would probably be tweaked for when it was published. That was the ONE substack I paid money for cuz I dig Lemire’s stuff. It was good. I look forward to it being in print.

I am on Substack but haven’t used it. Now I’m going to have to subscribe.