Disney Delays

Updated list of new movies scheduled:

Release dates dont matter. Shouldnt even be news.

Only thing that matters is that the movies arent cancelled.

Earlier in the morning before this announcement came out Wall St
was buzzing with Barclays DIS downgrade based on Disney+ growth if anyone interested:

Guess with these delays might get a pullback in key books
involved with these movies.

You are correct cancelling big movies like these would be concerning for industry as a whole.

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production delay in just one movie would cause every other movie to get pushed back.

Kevin called it. With the movies and shows so closely linked in their complex continuity you have to shift everything if you shift one.

Well, that’s concentration risk - Marvel got the movie rights for many characters back, but it means that you are likely to have to wait longer to see some of them. Despite what it seems, Disney is not omnipotent. Its ability to raise capital for each movie is very high, but not infinitely so.

I rather they get them right than hurry tbh.

But dammit hurry up with x-men!