Display Shelves

Hey all
Wanting to buy some floating shelves for my walls to display CGC and mylar’d books. Any suggestions on appropriate kind(s) of shelf?

Build them yourself I suggest, find some shelving that’s not too wide attach a little wooden lip to it with some screws a little spray paint or stain. Voila your books will catch on the bottom lip and slant back to the wall at the top of the cgc case.

Or you can buy what are called picture ledges


Be careful if you are just ‘leaning’ your books against the wall for long periods of time. I once had my ASM300 displayed in a similar fashion and over time the slab warped. So, when you eyed down either the left or right edge, you see a bend in the slab. I’ve been trying for 2-3 years to reverse the warp with some success. :neutral_face:

Yup, gravity is a biznach… always pulling things down…

I’d say if you’re doing slabs, make it so they’re are perfectly vertical or make sure there’s support behind them with no open air under if they’re slanted. But that goes for all books.

It is an older CGC slab. Not sure if newer slabs would have the same ill effects.

Probably best to not take the chance. Add the support or keep’em vertical I say.

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I’ve seen on Youtube that people have bought J Channel for house siding and rigged it up. Looks pretty good, but I kind of wonder about the weight distribution and if it would hold over time.

Going on Alanas idea,you could make/build your own wooden J channel to display/hold your books.