Doctor Aphra #11 Durge

I realize most folks are on the Aphra bandwagon already, but I recommend grabbing this issue.
Durge is a great character and fan fave. This will be the first time we’ve seen him since his Dark horse days.
Perhaps we’ll get a cameo in #10?

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I think this whole War of the Bounty Hunters story arc spread across most of the Star Wars titles is gonna have lots of existing goodiness along with maybe some new appearances…

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I realize @drunkwooky had this book in his other thread of all the Bounty Hunter books, but if folks are picking and choosing, not getting them all, this is one I wouldn’t pass on. Thought it may get lost in the shuffle of the other post.

So this is one of those “first appearances in marvel continuity” things…

As Republic 51 is not “canon”.

I mean, outside of Ahsoka, have any Star Wars characters had spec value in their first “marvel” appearance when they previously appeared in dark horse books or other (IDW)?

Maybe Cad Bane, although his first was one of those “not really a comic book, but a trade made from screen shots of the cartoon accompanied with text” first appearance scenarios before he showed up in Darth Maul 3.

Not to say you shouldn’t buy the book for entertainment value, but I question the true spec value other than maybe some initial FOMO the week of release if that’s what we’re talking about.

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Star Wars Republic 51 and 52, 52 first appearance of Durge 52 1st cover of Durge and Asajj Ventress

I’d have to say you’re correct. I haven’t actually looked into whether Durge pokes his ugly head into things like Age of Republic titles or the Mace Windu mini, but it doesn’t sound familiar.

I think “in [certain] continuity” is always a sketchy asterisk key proposition no matter what the property is. Harley’s Batman Adventures issue is clearly the winner regardless of continuity. Other examples abound I’m sure.

Wookieepedia’s Canon page would seem to back up that proposition as well as Doctor Aphra 11 is the only entry for his appearances there.

We’ve got 6-8 issues before DA11 in this War of the Bounty Hunter’s storyline, though. So, plenty of time for him to sneak in.

Doctor Aphra has a nice ass.I’m going to get it for the cover alone.

“The Invitation” is a little conspicuously placed, I might add.

THis thread is steering straight for the gutter…and @davidbitterbaum hasn’t even made an appearance…

I would say something if I knew who Dr. Aphra was. I just buy the comics with her I can find for cheap that are trending for more. My Star Wars knowledge is minimal.

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Durge dangling a set of balls in that left hand to boot! Invitation all right!

I am soooo getting this book!

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So Tfaw emailed me yesterday saying that the 1:25 50th anniversary cover is no longer 1:25 it’s a regular price book which is sold out @ Tfaw so might have a low print run?.

Glad I ordered 2 copies of the 1:25

I noticed all the other similar variants for other titles were open order. And wondered about this.

Got the same email…that was somewhat annoying they didn’t offer to cancel if we no longer wanted it. It was already locked as FOC had loooong passed.

I guess I’ll keep it as it’s just a few $ anyway.

Did anyone see these this week on shelves?

25+ At midtown. 17 listings on eBay. I think TFAW just messed up (….again).

I got about 3 of them at my LCS. The LCS owner replaced the shelf copy I took with another. Don’t seem to be a shortage.