Doctor Strange / Clea / Umar / Dormammu Spec

So, I was watching Doctor Strange last night (first movie), and I started thinking about this spec…and I wanted some feedback on it because I’m not as well versed as you all in these things.

Dormammu only shows up near the end, but is kind of a big deal, you know, capturing worlds in the multiverses (believe thats what he does) and stuff. Neither him, nor Kaecilius are defeated, merely left the earth alone…which I’m sure isn’t forever. When I started researching, I’m finding out Dormammu is trapped somewhere, and Umar, Dormammu’s sister, is ruling the Dark Dimension.

Then, looking at Strange Tales 126, I find thats not only the first appearance of Dormammu, but also Clea, Doctor Strange’s wife in Doctor Strange 2 (believe its Emma Watson?). She is also a Princess of the Dark Dimension and I’m guessing to be pretty involved in the future. So we have 2 great characters, villain and heroine, in one book who’s price really isn’t that horrible. Also, CGC census shows there to be less than 800 graded, and ebay doesn’t have too many available.

The second issue I focused in on was Umar, who is ruling the Dark Dimension. Whether they go with Dormammu or Umar, buying 2 books would cover multiple theories. (edit) Sorry I forgot my thought here…this is Strange Tales 150, first appearance of Umar. There are even less of these graded, 266 according to CGC, and prices are even lower than 126. Raw copies of both you can get for around $20-$50 depending on condition.

I just feel like with all the multiverse stuff, Strange Academy (Doyle Dormammu being in a relationship with the main character Emily Bright), and the fact that it seems like the Dark Dimension really hasn’t been in a lot of the movies yet… I think it could be something to look into for people more knowledgeable about this stuff than I.

I’m sorry if I said some stupid stuff…I’m trying to learn!


A film should boost interest in Clea and Umar. Two minor characters in comics. Casting an asian as Clea is less odd than a white woman as the ancient one. But films tend to deviate from comics. Years ago, I brought Strange Tales 126 and 150 in a lot.

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When I started looking into the spec, I realized I had gotten Strange Tales 130 (first app Kaecilius) in a lot I bought, and immediately pulled it from eBay. :wink: Good stuff!

Dr. Strange is dying in Strange Academy.

It’s a whole event with the main event books being “the death of doctor strange” . Also crossing over into avengers and others.

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