Does eBay offer promotional coupon anymore?

Hello Team,

I’m reaching out today cause I was wondering if the team knows if eBay has or ever decided to the bring back 10-15% coupon that it once offered? I believe after 2017, I have never seen any type of coupon or PRACTICAL promotion offered by eBay and of course no so long afterward, they started charging sales tax. With that said, if the team knows any information on what eBay does now for it promotion I would much appreciated.

I think I got a coupon this year I never used, I also want to say there’s a eBay bucks coupon for 10% I got last year.

I guess in your case, you maybe a heavy spender. The coupon I’m referring to are universal, not exclusive to members. I remember they used to offer 10-15% or even 25 off on 150 or more to everyone not exclusive offer individual members.

I haven’t seen one of those in a long time…

…a long time…


I got 15% off anything in the home goods category recently and used it to add another press, but nothing in the collectibles category for years.

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That my point. Over the last 5 years they have raised their seller fees, no PRACTICAL promotion, and now includes sales tax, it makes it more difficult to pickup any collectible off eBay.


They are making money hand over fist. The execs and shareholders could care less.

Ebay knows they are #1

Why offer discounts when they know people will buy from them regardless…?

The only incentive they offer now, and its rare, is Ebay Bucks.

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I miss when everything earned at least some eBay bucks. Good times.


Yeah it’s more expensive to buy and sell there. You should check if sellers are on IG by searching their user names. You could save around the same as an eBay coupon… I purposely use the same names on IG and eBay and I have had only one buyer reach out to me on IG to buy directly and save us both $.

Unfortunately not everyone is willing to make a deal outside of eBay (via IG or any platform for that matter). For the seller, it just too much hassle (laziness, scam or various reason), so I haven’t much success to working with the seller to get a deal done.

Yeah it needs to be the right buyer/seller. I’ve bought from eBay sellers directly on IG if they have the history/feedback on eBay to make me comfortable with it. As a seller, if it’s a buyer I know of with the right reputation, I’ll sell on IG via G&S but if it’s a buyer that’s new to me, F&F only.