Does TFAW drop their incentive variants randomly or is there a specific time?

I always miss them. I can’t figure when does TFAW drop their incentive variants.

It varies. They do them at different times different weeks. We lost them on the TFAW ratio variant thread as soon as they come up. You can spend a lot of time trying to figure out the system and drive yourself nuts. That’s pretty much all there is to say about it. But they can appear almost any day between Monday and Friday depending.

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Great example is March Variants should have hit in January. They didn’t April variants hit this month in a drop and then later March variants dropped. So not only did the March Variants not drop on any particular day, they didn’t drop in the month they should have dropped in.

If you have the ability to set up alerts to that thread it really pays off. The other thing you can do is set up an RSS feed to the thread to get. Profiled when new posts hit. I get messages via RSS anytime someone posts on the forum so my phone is going off constantly. The CHU readers sometimes post on news before I even see them.

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There’s no set official schedule. Typically if something is a largely ordered comic the day of FOC is when you have the best chances of some going up, but they can be added during other days or ahead of FOC as well.

The only two things I will say are 99.9% true are that nothing will be added before 8am or after 5pm pacific, and nothing is really added AFTER FOC. If anything pops back in stock or becomes available again after FOC that earlier sold out it means someone removed it from their orders or for whatever reason the system removed it. (If someone gets banned, if their payment fails too many times, etc.)


Which thread are you referring to?

Setting up alerts on the message board? Where is that done?

How do you even get any work done…or sleep?

I really don’t sleep much. Like 3-4 hours most nights. The warm glow of the phone keeps me company most nights.

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I have it set up to send me a notices (watching) but I never get any…

There was an email issue that was just fixed. Poyo is now a bald chicken because of working on it for several hours yesterday.

The CHU forums needs to become an app

Edit - easier & gives more people that extra push to join

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I see now.

It actually is an app if you add it to your homescreen on your smart phone.

Watching sometimes means it will put the little notification blue icon next to your profile icon… tells you there’s responses on topics you watch. By default, if you reply to a topic, it’ll set you to watch.

I have no idea why anyone would want every comment to email them though, set that to be a daily digest so you get one email a day or weekly (also saves some CHU bandwidth pennies by limiting what’s being sent out).

Thanks, man,

Can you explain how to do this please? (iPhone)