Doesn’t look good for film and tv for the remainder of 2020

You’re going to start seeing all the movies with already pushed back release dates pushed further back in the next couple weeks. This means no Marvel movie for all of 2020 and also most likely means no Disney+ Marvel shows for 2020. While the movie business thought they could reopen, the recent spikes in cases in America are going to shut all film houses back down. They will try and film what they can over seas but that even looks bleak. So all the spec on Marvel films and tv will be in limbo land while we race for a vaccine. Disney is starting to kick the tires on a possible Black Widow straight to Disney+ release to give the fans something for all the months of subscription fees with no new Marvel content. Wonder Woman 2 might follow suit and be directly released to the new HBO Max.

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Good. The bigger picture here is saving lives. Its not about movies, economy, collectibles… Its about saving lives. Thats the most important thing. Shut it all down again because the first shutdown now and the rush to reopen was all for nothing cause Americans are selfish spoiled brats. Thats my two cents.


Yup. This is going to take a while. Need a proven vaccine until things can get even close to where they were.

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The US is practically the only country that couldn’t get their shit together to really make a dent in new cases. It is unfortunate for so, so many reasons.
I don’t know if Disney knows, but, you could film in my country and it probably wouldn’t be a big deal. Canada has done a good job, so far, of being able to quarantine and suppress this virus within our borders. New Zealand is Covid free. They have had zero new cases in the last two weeks, and actually held a live rugby game that had it’s stadium at full capacity. And in the following days since, they recorded no new cases. The only problem with filming out of country is; those countries probably will have a ban on all American citizens from entering until you guys put on your big boy pants and take this seriously, as a nation. You guys, my American friends, couldn’t have picked a worse time for a pandemic, with that clown and his corrupt clown show ruining your country. I’m sorry I had to mention the orange clown, but he is solely the reason why the infection rate is still skyrocketing in your country. Imo


I about fell out of my chair listening to people rail about wearing masks in a townhall the incompetence is unbelievable, one was blaming 5g while threatening doctors to call the police on them in the middle of the town hall.

Well, if one takes NY out of the equation the damage really isn’t all that bad comparing with other countris (hard to say that when those numbers were actual lives). Most of my family live in NY and most of them are not republican in the least but every single one is livid at the poor leadership and the constant non decisions from the governor and mayor that literally got thousands killed. NY politicians failed their constituents in a big way.

I know you hate Trump, I get that, but the very second he initiated any kind of travel ban, even minor at first, when this whole thing started every single high ranking Democrat freaked out, went on record stating he was a racist, hate mongering and manufacturing a crisis. Actual claims right there. Right off the bat huge oppositions to what became a huge global crisis. It was ridiculous.

Call him a clown if you want but there were more than a few times his opposition could have crossed the isles with an olive branch and helped control the spread of this virus better with immediate collaborative legislation. If more of his opposition concentrated on getting things done and helping this country instead of constantly “resisting” more people would be alive. I’ll be fair with this, I have to be or I am little more than a hypocrite, Trump isn’t helping with his constant tweet attacks either. Not one bit .If not distracting they can be very combative and un-civil at times. Some like those tweets…that’s fine, I’m not one of them. Keep things like that behind closed doors especially during a global pandemic when everyone is on edge, worried at best or terrified at worst. That’s just me. I’ll also say it would be nice if Trump brought out the olive branch every now and then as well. Seems no one want to. Right now it seems both sides think waving an olive branch is the same as waving a white flag. It’s not. I just don’t get it sometimes. Again, frustrating and embarrassing…for both sides.

You’re a good man JcLu, I like you, just reminding you that there are two sides to every coin. I know you as many get frustrated. I do have some faith though. If the entire world is heading for a phase two of the virus this early on, (and it looks like it) I do think…not just hope, but actually, literally think both sides here in the US will get their collective heads out of their asses, put the egos aside and make some moves that will be desperately needed. I am an optimist and still have a tiny bit of faith and hope for humanity no matter how rough around the edges some of those humans are…on both sides…all sides. We’ll see… At least we will get some hockey soon…maybe.

Geez, I’m practically writing a book today with all my posts…something in the air I guess.


Trump’s rallies and the upcoming 4th of July weekend…yeah, it’s gonna be hell. There is no second wave of COVID-19 cases, we’re still in the first one.

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It never ends…Out my way many people were still not wearing masks even early on…even when stores mandated it. I’m close to LA and there seem to be a certain percentage of people with a chip on their shoulder just asking to be “told” what to do. It’s been this way for three months now…even more so now. I just don’t get it sometimes. My eyes are damn strong now from all the times I have rolled them…Think they will get even stronger in the coming months.

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Well, Iran is a government that funds terrorist activities that have gotten Americans killed so I was OK with that travel ban…As far as Hawaii being forced into statehood? I don’t recall that. I could think of worse things for Hawaii though. Let’s face it, if Hawaii succeeded from the US I don’t think they would last too long on their own. The US isn’t all that bad. I love it actually, even with everything going on…Right and left.

Anyways I don’t want to argue politics all politicians are assholes so I’ll delete anything I said


Ha! I’ll drink to that!!! When I’m off my meds in a few months :confused: …When I did film/entertainment a small studio sound stage I often worked for had a small green room studio for rent and some of their clients were local politicians and congressmen… Not sure where they stood because it was out of my district but boy howdy each and every one of them laid it on thick. No mater who and no matter when. So phony it was laughable…and sad in a way. By the way, I like you as well Alana… Not sure what your deleted post had in it but you always speak your mind and that is what you or anyone else should do!

Watch The Virus: What went wrong. Really good documentary.