Dollar Bin Finds

Not everyone looks in $1 bins. Books tend to be damaged, maybe not even bagged. Non-keys.

But every now and then a surprise gets pulled out.

Show your cool dollar bin finds!

I’ll kick things off…$1.



I’d be surprised if you didnt find that in a dollar bin…

:rofl: :grinning:


Sadly none of the lcs here even have dollar bins. Only 50% bins so stuff ranges from $1.25-$4

Over the years, I’ve found some good stuff in $1 bins, but 4 stand out:
Suicide Squad 1 - 9.8 contender

Zatanna 13

Marvel Premiere 28

Static 1 - Polybag

In the spirit of full disclosure, I must admit that I am a fraud…the Static 1 was $2. Oh the humanity…The Static, Zatanna and Suicide Squad were from a shop that has a good eBay presence and deals in big ticket items, but also has a physical store that doesn’t get the most attention paid to it. The owner buys a lot of collections and splits them for online and shop sales. I get steals there from time to time. The Marvel Premiere is from another shop that is very well organized and run properly. I have no clue how that ended up in a $1 bin. I frequent that shop and brought it to the owner. He seemed shocked it was in the $1 bin, but honoured the price it was listed at. I like that place.


Most of the shops I am able to get to do not have dollar bins. That must be reserved for upper class shops. :slight_smile:

Yeah. I first looked in the regular long boxes and #6 was missing…but had a hunch so turned around and searched through U’s of the dollar bins (at least they organize them by letter to speed up the process if you’re looking for something). Took all of 30 seconds.

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Many of the LCS’s by me don’t even carry back issues so no $1 bins.

Where do all the unsold books go? Do they just accumulate on the shelf?

My main local shop does a 50% off bin and then after they don’t sell there for 4-6 months, they donate them.

The really bad shops just keeps accumulating books until they’re out of control and then takes them all to storage.

There’s this shop I go to that actually does this because the shop owner is the laziest person I have ever seen in my life. He buys tons of books to chase variants and has tons of books left. There’s also tons of people that come in that wants to sell their collection. He buys everything but won’t want to sell anything because he’s a collector himself. It’s so weird, I’ve never seen another business owner run their business this way.

The store has tons of back stock but you wouldn’t know it because he only has a tiny section for back issues. And when you bring up a back issue he checks the current market price on ebay and price accordingly. As a result, he’s stuck with a giant inventory of back issues that no one is buying. He recently just removed over 60 long boxes of back issues to bring to storage lol.