Donald Glover to Star in, Produce Spider-Man Hypno-Hustler Movie




Yea… definitely a smh.
This just has the feeling of starting with an 0 - 2 baseball count


I love Donald Glover… I bet if this is made, he’ll pull it off.

I only am excited because it is Donald Glover. Otherwise I’d be more worried than intrigued.


Ill take that bet. A Spiderman movie about a disco loving, hypnotizing, petty thief is not going to be good. It doesn’t matter who is involved, the premise is DOA. :beers:


… and it’s SONY.

Instead of 2 strikes out of the gate; it’s 2 & 3/4 strikes out of the gate.


Man, such negative energy in here… judging something that hasn’t even been made yet…

Spider-Man the Musical? A comedy?
Maybe it’ll be the next Hamilton. cringe Just kidding!

Glover is a talented dude tho. I’m not into his music but I did like his This Is America single.

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Its almost as if we are speculating. This site has no place for speculation. :rofl:

Nobody ever said you can’t speculate, just find it odd there’s just a lot of negative vibe here. People are judging the character based on the shitty comic character from many moons ago. For all we know it ends up being a great movie, if it’s ever made.

Seems the same thing happens on Disney+ shows… can’t count how many times I saw people shitting on Ms Marvel from the leaked photos, saying how it’s going to be awful, they changed her powers… then all those same people came back saying they loved or enjoyed the show.

I say, give the show a chance based on new age writing instead of bashing it from the brief comic appearance from years ago. Just sayin!

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All good, Poyo. ‘Accurate speculation’ and ‘negative speculation’ are not mutually exclusive. :beers:

My lack of faith comes from Sony bungling these spin off villain movies and being incompetent. Venom 1 and 2 are awful. Morbius was horrible. I wouldn’t trust sony to heat up cup ramen


… or a cup of coffee

Don’t get me wrong, I bought a couple of the first appearance when they were still cheap, but odds are it won’t be great. It’s a Sony thing. Their track record isn’t all that great.

I’m with @agentpoyo and excited as Glover makes good stuff. I’m cautiously optimistic for now.

They could pull off something completely different. Sure, the character is a goofy one from years ago, and possibly a negative stereotype, but I have faith that they could turn it into something different.

I’d love to see obscure characters getting brought to life and becoming much cooler than they really are or once were… To me, that’s a win if they can pull it off.

Staying optimistic these days instead of being a pessimist… For myself, trying to not waste time and energy on negativity anymore… don’t have time for that crap! :slight_smile:

Dude has alot going on (Lando, Amazon stuff, Hypno-Man).
I’d keel over