Donny Cates Drawn Absolute Carnage #1 Midtown Exclusive

Let me start off by saying, I’m a huge Donny Cates fan; anything he writes I’m buying up, reading, and enjoying.
Anyway, I just saw that Midtown updated their website with details on a new, exclusive Absolute Carnage #1 variant (drawn by Donny Cates!). This must have been what he was previously alluding to on twitter. However, my initial reaction is less than favorable–especially at $15. Now, I understand he’s not primarily a graphic artist. And I don’t want this to be a Cates-bashing thread. But I’m interested in hearing what everyone else’s thoughts are on his cover.

I’d buy that cover before most if not all Liefeld covers… :wink:

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Well, that’s a given. :joy:

In all honesty though, he’s not an actual artist so it’s not that bad if you ask me. I’ve seen much much worse. Will I buy a copy for myself? Probably not. I have much better things to spend $15 on.

Im not a fan of that cover. It looks very amateurish, imo. No offence to artist Donny. However, I do enjoy writer Donny.