Donny Cates/Ryan Stegman Midtown Signing

Hey All,
I’m going to Midtown to attend the open Cates/Stegman signing later this month.
It says that Absolute Carnage #1 purchase is required and only 3 items can be signed per attendee.

Has any one attended an open signing at Midtown before?
How early would you arrive for something like this?
Also, I imagine 1 of the 3 signed-items has to be the copy of Absolute Carnage purchased that day, but can the other 2 items be comics purchased elsewhere?

Thanks for any answers.

Found an FAQ which answers the last question.

Still open: how early would you show up for the signing? Alana, don’t bother with some snarky comment… we all know you’re going to be the first to queue up.

I like Power Pack as much as she does.

Bring on the Snarks!!!

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Haha… Alana secretly loves Donny…

I can only say, for the Silver Surfer signing here in Austin, it was about a 20 minute wait. Long ago Donny had no lines at signings. When he did his God Country signing, I walked up cause no one was there and chatted with him for like 30+ minutes. Now since he’s been Marvel’s new golden boy, his lines get longer.

I can’t speak on behalf of the NY crowds but I’d say since they’re limiting the number of items, the line should move quickly I think. If you get there too early and there’s a line, you might end up waiting just as long as it would take getting there after it starts and jumping in line.

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