Doomsday Clock 12... why is it selling?

Hi all, I’ve searched for info and can’t find any… I noticed Doomsday Clock #12 has been very active on ebay and the prices are rising.

Does anyone know why? If so, please fill me in!



Not sure, but, has to be 3 Jokers’ related. Probably pumped on FB or Youtube, if I had to guess.

We love comics on youtube made a video about it the other day. Some kind of new character, or an existing character that gets new powers, can now challenge Superman. Something like that, I don’t remember. Didn’t see enough reason to go after it, but who knows I may regret it.

Does it tie to Symnar (or however you say the name) - the new villain in Supes 25?

Because gocollect Matt Turd thinks the Superboy Manhattan from Doomsday Clock #12 will somehow defeat the Darkest Knight but he wouldn’t say something so stupid if he actually read any of the DM:DK previews. I can’t believe people pay for the crappy information and wrong books they talk about over there.

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Don’t think so

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