Dr. Aphra heading to Disney Plus? (Rumor)

Starwarsunity.net as well as a few other sites are stating that Dr. Aphra may be coming to Disney + in the near future. It has been suggested she may get her own show but she may just appear in other shows. Her own show would be huge but even if she is just a “regular” on another show in development that would be pretty big! This is just a rumor so information is a bit lacking. As usual take this inforamtion with a grain of salt and don’t spend hard earned money unless you feel there is good reason!

Dr. Aphra first appeared in the Pages of Darth Vader (2015) #3. There is the regular cover A, the 1:25 variant as well as a 2nd, 3rd and 4th print of the book. The reprints have the same art as cover A with different color backgrounds. There has been some movement online (mostly Ebay) but sales haven’t gone nuts yet.This is probably because right now it is just a rumor and not one that has been overly published as of writing this. If this turns out to be true and if/when it becomes official the book would definitely see some heat. Just a heads up.

Darth Vader #3 cover A

Darth Vader #3 1:25 variant

Darth Vader #3 2nd print Variant

Darth Vader #3 3rd print Variant

Darth Vader #3 4th print Variant

Awesome. I love Aphra and her sociopathic droids. There has to be a reason why Aphra is the only Marvel Star Wars title that hasn’t been rebooted. They have plans for her, I’m sure of it.

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Even if these rumors turn out to be false I don’t see Disney waiting long to bring Dr. Aphra to the big or small screen. Those two droids would make it wroth the watch all on their own!

Agreed. There are too many signs that Aphra will be introduced sooner rather than later, imo. Her comic is almost at 50 issues. The toy line of her that was released, and the rumours that have been swirling for the better part of two years now. Walt must have plans for her.

I’ve been iffy on Star Wars lately but I have enjoyed The Mandalorian and have high hopes for whatever they eventually do for Aphra and the droids. Hoping for a nice uptick on live action Star Wars properties (for me anyway). Now I just have to get my 1:25 graded.

I enjoyed Rogue One, and Solo was okay, but I have not enjoyed any of the Skywalker movies since the OG trilogy sans Lucas’ shitty added CGI. The last movie was so so so so so horrible. Absolute garbage. That scene where Luke jumps the casm in order to fish with the giant pole. So stupid. I mean, why did he have to jump to the other side? Could he not just use the pole to fish from the side he was already on? And why use a fish pole at all, I mean, why not use the Force to fish. Save yourself the risk of jumping casms.